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Lean Six Sigma in Nashville, Tennessee (TN)

When you implement the right method or one that is effective, you don’t have to struggle in obtaining the results you want. In the case of looking for the improvement of your processes, all you have to do is to focus on the problems that affect them, nothing else. Many companies believe they just need to change or add new aspects or elements to improve their processes and therefore, the entire production.

However, don’t you think that solving the problems first sounds like a better idea? If you focus on dealing with the bad things first, eliminating them alone will already bring a lot of benefits and positive changes to your company. Therefore, we at Maximum Potential, encourage you to start focusing on eliminating waste and using Team-Based Problem Solving from now on. And if you have doubts about how you can use it, count on us.

We provide several services that are related to Lean Six Sigma, such as Consulting and Training. If you have your doubts, it is a methodology that is focused on what we mentioned before—Problem Solving—. With our assistance, you won’t have to struggle with your processes and their improvement from now on but, how?

What you need to know about it

Lean Six Sigma aims for the improvement of the processes by using statistical instruments only. Many companies wonder how it is possible to only need statistics and information to improve processes when they have—probably—invested in other methods that involve spending a fortune in tools. Well, as we were telling you before, it is all about solving problems.

And to solve them, you usually need to identify or determine them in the first place, the rest comes alone most of the time. Now, what’s the main goal in doing all this? Improving the profitability and productivity of your company and its production. Something you must know about it is that Lean Six Sigma aims for the processes where people’s work is involved.

In a few words, the processes are carried out for human resources or your employees—to be more specific. If you think about it for a minute, you will notice that most of the problems are lying here. Why? Well, it isn’t people’s fault most of the time but rather the way you have managed these operations so far.

Usually, the waste you can find—and you have to deal with—in these processes are related to the unused talent of the employees or all the defects and overproduction. When you eliminate all this waste, the improvement comes by itself.

Is it the same as Lean Manufacturing?

No, and this is something you have to remember. It is usually mistaken with this other method since they follow one of the term “Lean”, which consists of offering more to the client while using fewer resources in the company. And even when Lean Six Sigma is aiming for the same, it isn’t doing it in the same way.

Lean Manufacturing is more related to optimizing processes that have to do with the product itself and not the operations carried out for the people nor the ones related to the production.

Instead, improving the quantity that can be fabricated or the machines involved, is what it is aiming at. We can help you, at Maximum Potential, to understand everything about Six Sigma and implement it.

After all, we provide Consulting but also, Training Services that we’re sure will come in handy to start using this method and finally, obtain the results and positive changes in your company.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Tennessee. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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