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Lean Six Sigma in Clarksville, Tennessee (TN)

Can you reduce waste, improve your processes, and, at the same time, the quality of your products and services? Yes, but only with the right method. In our company, Maximum Potential, we help companies to implement a Team-Based Problem Solving methodology that allows them to achieve the previous goals. However, if you’re interested in using it, you must know from now on that it will take several people to make it happen.

Lean Six Sigma—which is the same methodology we mentioned before—is quite affordable and effective for any company. But it takes an entire team of experts to make it happen since it has several phases and functions that need to be handled by certain people with specific roles and knowledge.

In our case, we will provide you with an entire team of experts that will help you to implement the method, achieve the goals, and obtain all the positive changes and of course, improvements in your company. When can you start? As soon as you contact us and request our services.

Why does it take an entire team?

As mentioned before, there are many aspects and functions in the project. But to be more specific, you will have to understand a bit more about the process and the entire methodology. Lean Six Sigma consists of 5 phases: determine, measure, analyze, improve, and control.

Also, the roles and levels in the method are divided into 5 and all of them have specific knowledge and level in the whole pyramid—to give it a simple name. When implementing it, you will have to start with determining the problems and waste of the company that needs to be solved and eliminated. This part involves identifying the client’s needs and requirements as well, which is why it takes people who can understand a company and what it should be aiming for.

Once this is done, the measure part involves determining the current performance of the company and all its processes to move onto the next part: analyze. In this, unlike the first one, it consists of finding the causes of the problems to be able to find the solutions later on. So in the improvement phase, you can start implementing each solution and eliminate the waste.

As for the control, you will have to implement a new system that guarantees the constant improvement of the processes. Lean Six Sigma is about continuous improvement, not only when it is necessary or used. In this way, your company will always be one step ahead.

Can you be part of the team?

Whenever you want and as long as you know the methodology, yes. If you want to learn and have the proper training to take part in the implementation, our company provides Lean Six Sigma Training. Mostly focused on Yellow Belt and Green Belt.

In this way, you will be able to learn what the team member does but also, what the team leader deals with. Of course, there are other roles in this project, but you can start from this and, later on, move forward in your training.

Whatever you need, support or training, just make sure to ask for our Lean Six Sigma Consulting or maybe Training and Certification options.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Tennessee. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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