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Lean Six Sigma in Davidson County, Tennessee (TN)

What do you need to know to boost your company’s growth? Many things. There are several ways—that are necessary—to improve the success of a company, which means that you can’t just focus on one or two when in the end, everything is important. That being said, it is hard to deal with everything on your own, actually, let’s reformulate that: it’s impossible. 

This is why you will need experts, professionals, and consultants that can help you to achieve the results you want. Now, where can you start? We usually encourage companies to start with their processes, especially those that have serious problems and a lot of waste that needs to disappear as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will get worse with time and the possibility of improving them is going to get harder and require more work than it should. 

Since we encourage you to do this, expect us to be able to help you to drive improvement from top to bottom in your company. At Maximum Potential, we use Team-Based Problem Solving, which is also known as Lean Six Sigma, to help you achieve the improvements you want for your processes.

What are the benefits of improving each process? 

Several. The main one consists in having a positive change in the performance of your company, after all, improvement only means something good for anyone and anything. Now, if we had to be more specific, we would have to focus on the method we use first. 

Lean Six Sigma consists of continuously improving processes where people—your employees or team—are involved and remove all the waste on them. In this way, the company can reduce the time in your processes and increase productivity among your employees and people in general. Most companies that implement or use it are trying to aim for something very specific: the reduction in the failures of their processes.

Failure doesn’t mean you didn’t succeed with the task or fabrication of the product. It means that you obtained a different result from what is expected. Lean Six Sigma is usually implemented for companies that fabricate final products for other companies or particulars. And when you have so many failures, certain things take place:

  • The client has to wait for more for its product. 
  • You have to use more resources, which only reduces your profit. 

By improving your processes, you will reduce the resources you have to use, the failures, and improve your profit and quality of the products. Everything that is the opposite of what you’re experimenting right now.

Features of our company and system

At Maximum Potential, we are focused on helping you, the client, to implement all this methodology and ideas to guarantee the best results. And finally, be able to have a productive and efficient company that won’t fall due to the waste in the processes and all its problems. 

If you’re thinking about why you should hire us, we have several features that will meet all your needs and expectative: trust, linked improvements, low risk and cost, engagement, and more. We not only use Team-Based Problem Solving but also Micro-Improvements.

Besides, we know there are more aspects and elements involved in all this project, and we would love to help you with each one of them. 

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Tennessee. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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