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Lean Six Sigma in Chattanooga, Tennessee (TN)

Every time someone comes to our company, it is completely normal that they ask for our options in Lean Six Sigma. After all, we decided to focus most of our services in this cost-effective methodology that can help many companies to improve their processes and other aspects. However, if there’s something you need to know is that to achieve the best results and improve your company from top to bottom, other elements and aspects also play important roles.

And in our company, Maximum Potential, we are quite aware of this. This is why, besides Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training, we wanted to give our clients—like you—more options and ideas to boost their companies. Such as Systematic Innovation, Micro-Improvements, and more.

If you have your doubts, just let us tell you why you should complement Lean Six Sigma with other aspects.

For complete service and improvement

First of all, are you aware of what Six Sigma is all about? To make it short and simple, it is a methodology that aims for the improvement of processes where people are involved—they carry them out or handle them. In this way, the company can reduce the failures in the production of a final product for a client and use fewer resources.

As a result, the entire performance of the company has a positive change and boost. However, most of this method aims for companies where products are involved and leave aside—a bit—others that focus on other services. However, if you implement something extra or go for a bit of a different option, you can achieve the same for companies in other industries.

This is why, we at Maximum Potential, also provide Systematic Innovation for anyone interested in staying relevant and ahead of the competence. Innovating helps companies to increase their sales, staying competitive, and ensure they won’t fall behind with the rest of the companies in the same industry. We have several experts and professionals available to cover all the areas and methods we cover.

And there are many others we still have for you that could be more than simply “useful” for your company’s future.

You can be part of the projects

A question we receive a lot from owners or companies, in general, is if they can take part in the implementation or project, be it for Lean Six Sigma or other services we offer. For this, we always answer the same: you need training and acquire the right knowledge.

Unlike other companies, we also aim for the new generation and the idea started when more people decided to ask the previous question. This is why we not only provide Consulting Services—which involves assistance, support, guidance, and help—but also Training.

You can access services that are focused on training people and companies to be part of the projects we carry out for them. Or they can even plan the implementation of the methodology. If you want to access them, you only have to ask about our Lean Six Sigma Training or other Certification options. We have a lot to offer and help you.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Tennessee. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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