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Lean Six Sigma Training, Consulting and Certification

Our mission is “to help organizations and the people who work there, reach their full potential”.

Maximum Potential, Inc. is a Dayton, Ohio based company focused on a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt certification and curriculum. We work with high schools, colleges, non-profits and companies of all sizes.

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About Us

Michael Fedotowsky

Co-founder, CEO

In Mike’s own words, he is a recovering Nuclear Physicist with a Master Black Belt and 30 years of experience consulting. His career has taken him all over the world with companies like Eli Lilly, P&G, World Bank, Limited Brands and many others.  Mike is known for his uncanny ability to decipher between value added work and useless fluff. The streamlined results have delighted customers, improved morale and increased the bottom line.

Terri Bennett

Instructional Technology Specialist 

Terri Bennett joined our team with experience in education and business.  She was a manager in the business sector and has served in multiple roles in the education space – Teacher (Middle, HS and College), Administrator (HS, Adult), Curriculum, Instructional Technology and College/Career Readiness in traditional K12 schools and most recently in Career Technical Education centers. 

Seth Hummel

Co-founder, CSO

When you first meet Seth, you quickly realize that his ultimate goal is a meaningful dialogue about you and your business problems. Seth wants to know what he can do to help you and your company reach your full potential. He left his teaching and coaching career to start a consulting company in 1997. He has an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and post graduate studies at MIT in Business Process Design, Strategic Management, and Problem Solving.

Joey DiFranco

VP of Marketing

With 13+ years experience focused on growing brands and companies with creative solutions in the digital space, I truly believe a growth mindset paired with experience and the right tools give me a competitive advantage to help any client or company win. Joey also loves the process of continuous improvements and a Lean mindset. Helping tell the story through articles, video and design Joey helps evangelize Lean Six Sigma training for all MaxPT clients.

Brad Hollingsworth

Senior Trainer & Consultant 

Brad’s passion is making a difference through a systematic approach to solving complex problems. He aims to inspire, lead, and teach others to do this themselves, transforming their organizations and their own lives. He is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, a Registered Professional Engineer, and an Ironman triathlete. He brings nearly two decades of experience leading improvement projects in the manufacturing, healthcare, and public service sectors. He aspires to: Overcome Obstacles. Dream Big. Live It. 

Michael Carson

Master Consultant

Michael, a Master Black Belt, learned continuous improvement, during Florida Power and Light’s quest for the Deming Prize. He led his first team, through the problem solving process and was awarded the FPL’s Presidents Cup. “It just made sense” , and “the process works” were his mantra. Michael joined MaxPT to pass his learning on to companies and high schoolers, his new mantra is “to create a generation of problem solvers”.

Alex Fedotowsky

VP of Continuous Improvement

Alex is a Master Black Belt, a Toyota certified Lean Sensei, and Theory of Constraints Jonah certified practitioner. Alex has years of experience in public school systems understanding the challenges teachers and students endure to achieve their goals. Alex was a state certified High School science and physics teacher. He taught both students and faculty how apply simple logic steps to uncover the root cause to both academic and every day problems which he deemed as Applied Physics.

Alex served as a Director of Performance Excellence over two hospitals for Dignity Health, building a very successful department from the ground. Under his leadership, over sixty-five (65) projects were completed with a very high success rate. Federal healthcare auditors (CMS) logged in their report that Alex’s process improvement program was the best they witnessed. Alex was a lead consultant in helping his company (L3 Communications AFS Division), win the 2009 Shingo Award in Lean Manufacturing excellence saving their DOD client over 125 million dollars.

Earlier in his career, Alex was a Massachusetts state certified High School electronics and physics teacher. He taught both students and faculty how to apply simple process improvement logic to uncover the root cause to both academic and everyday problems, which he deemed as Academic Applied Physics.

Our Services

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Systematic Innovation
Innovate to capture market share and stay ahead of your competitors. Systematic Innovation is for all businesses and organizations, not just those with products. We’ll teach you the most effective way to jump ahead in your market and keep growing your sales. You will look at the world in a completely different way after this training. Innovation is the third leg of the improvement tri-pod and probably the one your competitors are not using.
Team Based Problem Solving
Yellow Belt (Team Member) and Green Belt (Team Leader) Certification. On-site training and consulting for company-wide implementation. This industry leading service is the best way for your teams to drive improvement, reduce waste and improve quality. Our training is not based on case studies and practice projects. You will work on your own REAL problems during the courses and at the end of the 3 days, you will be 75% complete with your project. This training will return 3 to 5 times on your investment.
MaxPT Micro-Improvements
Drive employee engagement and profitability through micro-improvements (small improvements) by every person in your organization. Every employee should be involved in moving the company forward. This system is based on the practices used by all Deming Prize Winning companies. It increases manager/employee communication and grows the momentum around improvement. We use the MaxPT app to track individual goals, micro-improvements, gains and solutions. The MaxPT app drives accountability and gives management visibility in the process.
High School Lean Six Sigma
Join us to “Create a generation of problem solvers.” Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Certification Curriculum for High School students includes robust training, a train-the-trainer process, web-tools and a digital material license. We’ve certified 100’s of teachers in Ohio. Our system and approved trainers have certified almost 1,000 yellow and green belts to date (1/2020). We were the first company in the US to train and certify High School students in Lean Six Sigma.


Features of the MaxPT system

MaxPT creates a system to measure, foster and improve employee engagement

MaxPT helps build trust-based relationships among all employees.

MaxPT is a low risk and low cost vehicle for continuous improvement.

Improvements are linked to the company’s strategic goals and metrics so that all improvements flow from top to bottom and bottom to up.

Every single employee can drive his or her own improvements.

This is the same system used by Malcolm Baldrige and Deming Prize Winning companies.

Access the digital community to connect with additional improvement seekers, coaches and trainers.  Access the MaxPT system to begin improvement tracking.

Digital Community
MaxPT Application
Many firms in the United States offer lean Six Sigma Training and business consultancy services in the United States. When you go through their websites, you will discover that each of them presents themselves at the best service providers. However, as the old saying goes, not everything that glitter is gold. Therefore, it is good to do some research before choosing the best Lean Six Sigma consultants. 


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Curriculum for High School Students


Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Certification for High School Students

Leadership Excellence Certification for High School Students

Micro-Improvement System Training – Individual Lean Six Sigma


Micro-Improvement System App

Running Effective Digital Meetings

Systematic Innovation Consulting and Workshops

The best approach would be talking to past clients and getting to understand the track record of the company. If you do this, you will discover that the best brand for this purpose in the region is Maximum Potential. We have been offering these services to the United States residents with a very high success rate. No other brand comes close to us when it comes to quality.

We lead by example because we have a team of professionals who are highly qualified. You will not get such a great resource with any other brand in the region. Our key areas of specialization are Lean Six Sigma Training, Digital marketing, Lead Generation, and Leadership Excellence training and Certification. For us, the most important thing it produce graduates who can deal with any situation that come their way in the most effective way possible. Here is an overview of the consulting solutions that you will get from our Maximum Potential brand.

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification-Maximum Potential

This certification is for any team members new to the Lean Six Sigma world and who would like to develop some foundational knowledge and participate in a problem-solving team. Yellow belts could also be entry-level employees who desire to improve their work environment. They can also be executive champions who want to start the Lean Six Sigma journey with this pre-requisite for Green Belt. Or, simply just want an overview of the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) model.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification teaches the approach of using Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools within your organization, on a team, to solve a problem. There are no education requirements or experience needed to enroll in this course. 

We will give you the relevant knowledge that will help you to prepare to be a Lean Six Sigma team member.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification-Maximum Potential

The second type of training that you can receive at Maximum Potential is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification. These professionals are well versed in the core of advanced elements of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. These experts can lead improvement projects and serve as team members on complex improvement projects within the organization. Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is Team Leader Training.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professionals possess a thorough understanding of all the elements of the Lean Six Sigma methodology including a high level of competence in all the matters that are contained within the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) phases.

These professionals have a clear understanding of how to implement, interpret, perform, and even apply the Lean Six Sigma technique at high proficiency levels. You will not go wrong when you use our Master Black Belts for this type of training. We will make sure that you can handle all the situations that come your way in the business environment. Therefore, it is not only a matter of certification but the practical knowledge that you gain to serve the roles of a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professional. It makes no sense to possess a certification if you don’t have the technical know-how to serve in the position perfectly. You will have no regrets if you use Maximum Potential for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification.

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma Consulting-Maximum Potential

Are you looking for the best Lean Six Sigma Consultants in the United States? The answer lies with Maximum Potential. We have the best professionals when it comes to Lean Six Sigma Consulting in the region.

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two modern improvement trends in the business environment. The first one is the utilization of Six Sigma to make work better. The second one is using the Lean Principles to make work faster. What this means is that the Lean Six Sigma method is a quality improvement approach that uses relevant tools to identify and remove quality problems and waste in the working area.

Most organizations are implementing this technique in the working environment and you should not be the only one who is left behind. It is good to understand that Lean Six Sigma works for both small and big organizations alike. It also works for all types of businesses regardless of your industry.

However, you cannot implement this strategy in your working environment unless you have the right technical knowhow. As a company, we have the best Lean Six Sigma consultants in the region. We will study your business environment and recommend the best ways to implement Lean Six Sigma in your organization. You can be sure that you will not go wrong when you use our company for Lean Six Sigma Consulting. We have been offering these services to several companies in our region with a very high success rate.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Curriculum for High School Students

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt for High School Students-Maximum Potential

We also offer the Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Curriculum for High School Students. The objectives are the same only that the two courses are offered to high school learners. With these courses on your transcripts, you can be sure that you will increase your marketability to a great extent. Most employers will want to use candidates who have this qualification.

As we said earlier, it is not only a matter of passing the exam and getting a certification. For us, the most important thing is to give you real-life exposure to the business environment. Our graduates are the best when it comes to the implementation of Lean Six Sigma programs. These are business leaders who can handle any situation that comes your way and increase the productivity of your company.

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Certification for High School Students

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Certification for High School Students-Maximum Potential

In the current business environment, you cannot succeed unless you promote your products and services online. The reason is that even all customers are turning to online platforms to promote their goods and services. Therefore, you stand to benefit in several ways when you have a huge following on your online platforms.

However, it is meaningless to have a massive online presence if you cannot convert those followers into active customers. This forms the basis of our Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Certification for High School Students. The course is designed to help you learn the best tricks to use in increasing your online visibility. Besides, we will make sure that you are attracting the right people that you can turn into leads.

We produce the best candidates when it comes to digital marketing and lead generation. We pay close attention to white hart SEO in our online marketing efforts. The company understands that using unethical means to attract customers can lead to hefty penalties and even blacklisting of your website. When you enroll for this course at Maximum Potential, you can be sure of getting the best exposure to the online marketing world.

Leadership Excellence Certification for High School Students

Leadership Excellence For High School Students-Maximum Potential

Most employers want to have candidates who have Leadership Excellence Certification for High School Students on their staff. As long as you have the right knowledge to apply what you learned in school, you can be sure that your services will be in high demand. Therefore, it is not a waste of time to enroll in this course while in school. It is one of the best strategies to take your career prospects to the next level. This course is short and it offers leadership training in the skills that you need to manage yourself and other people. It demonstrates how excellent leadership can transform your organization. Modern-day leaders who want to shape their organization for tomorrow face so many challenges.

New leadership models are emerging on how to address these challenges. The development calls for different approaches in thinking about effective leadership. The demand for engaging and ethical leadership that enhances the well-being and performance of employees is also on the rise. The same case also applies to the performance of the organization. Participants in this course are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds. They are individually selected for these courses to promote the element of sharing of alternative approaches and different perspectives to the day to day challenges that face businesses. Therefore, it is one of the best ways for learners to broaden their global network. 

The Leadership Excellence Certification for High School Students course is ideal for senior managers and executives who want to further develop and reflect on their own leadership style. People who have existing supervisory experience and are aspiring to take on the leadership role within the organization are also a perfect match for this course. If you are a manager and desire to nurture an organizational environment that allows high performance and effective leadership, you also need to choose this course.  You can either choose the virtual course or go for on-campus tuition depending on your availability. We charge a very reasonable fee and you can be sure of getting high-quality education opportunities.

Micro-Improvement System Training – Individual Lean Six Sigma

Micro Improvement System Training Individual Lean Six Sigma-Maximum Potential

The concept of micro improvements is how we make small improvements in the things that we do on a daily basis. Even though we will be reporting a fraction of a percentage of improvement every day, after every month collectively, you will discover that you have made massive steps forward. You can use yourself as a guinea pig for implementing this particular concept. One of the top services that we provide to our esteemed clients us micro-improvement system training. We do all this with respect to Individual Lean Six Sigma.

Therefore, it is also important to understand the whole concept of Lean Six Sigma. The method reduces the process of waste and defects and also provides a framework for the overall change in the organizational culture. When you introduce Lean Six Sigma in your company, it will change the mindset of your managers and employees to the one that focuses on continuous improvement and growth through the optimization of the process. The change in the mindset of the organization and business culture increases profitability and maximizes profits.

If you want to implement Lean Six Sigma successfully, you have to use a combination of tools for both Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing. Some of these tools include visual management, line balancing, and kaizen. With the right implementation procedure, you will be able to achieve the desired micro-improvement. Maximum Potential is the best brand for micro-improvement System Training in Individual Lean Six Sigma.

If you would like to build this capability in your team, all that you need to do is turn to our brand. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who will equip your team with the right skills. Our training approaches are designed to meet the actual needs of your organization. The good news is that you will get these consultancy services at rates that are quite affordable for your brand. The kind of solutions that we provide under this category are not available in any other company in the region.

Micro-Improvement System App

Micro Improvement System App-Maximum Potential

If you are looking for the best micro-improvement system app, all you need to do is turn to our brand. Maximum Potential has some of the most effective solutions in the market. All you need to do is purchase the service from us and you will be able to create an account and start using the app for your business. The people who have used this service from our company in the past will tell you that it is superb. All our designs are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of your business. Our designers will serve you regardless of the type of business that you run. The size of your business will not also limit you from using our micro-improvement systems app. We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to the provision of these solutions in the United States.

Micro apps are normally small business apps that are designed to perform one simple task. Our technical team is very diligent when it comes to the development of these apps. The most important thing for us is to get to understand how you intend to use this solution for your business. From here, we will design an app that will meet your needs with the highest level of precision. One thing you will love about our solutions is that they will rarely let you down when it comes to business improvement. Besides, in case you have a challenge in using the app, we have a highly reliable support team. Therefore, in case you are looking for the best micro-improvement system app, don’t hesitate to come to Maximum Potential for the best solutions.  

Running Effective Digital Meetings

Running Effective Digital Meetings-Maximum Potential

In the modern business environment, more and more people are turning to digital meetings. The reason is that these meetings are more efficient and cost-effective than physical ones. First, you will not waste a lot of time and money on the roading traveling to get to the venue of the meeting. The company will also avoid some of the costly logistics that come with room-based meetings like accommodation and meals.

With the digital meetings, you can meet with your clients, colleagues, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders regardless of their location. The most important thing is to have a computer, tablet, or smartphone and a reliable internet connection. These accessories are not a challenge with the current development of technology. A member can join the meeting from the comfort of his home or office.

However, you cannot succeed in running effective digital meetings unless you have the right expertise and resources. This is the point at which Maximum Potential consultants come in handy. Our professionals will guide you through the process of implementing the best digital marketing meetings. The most important thing is to have a session that is highly productive for your brand. Our consultants will help you in choosing the right tools and other logistics like setting up the infrastructure for your digital meeting. You can be sure that all your members will not have any problem joining the meeting. We have a lot of experience when it comes to running effective digital meetings and hence you will not have a problem working with our brand. Therefore, you will never go wrong when you choose to use our services for all your digital meeting needs.

Systematic Innovation Consulting and Workshops

Systematic Innovation Consulting and Workshops-Maximum Potential

An organization that is not innovative is as good as dead. The modern business environment is highly competitive and you will not win over your competitors unless you look for better ways of doing things. Besides, customer needs to keep on changing and you cannot meet them unless you adapt accordingly. The only answer this question is remaining innovative in the products and services that you offer to the market.

You should always be ahead of the other players in the industry when it comes to service delivery. You cannot do this unless you remain creative and think out of the box. It also means that you should be good at speculating the future needs of your customers. There is no way you will succeed in the game if you are lagging behind your customers when it comes to the reasoning capability. Entrepreneurs should always be smart in every move that they take.

If you have not been doing this, there is no need to worry. Our company offers the best Systematic Innovation Consulting and Workshops. What we do is to study your business environment; including your competitors and customer needs. With this knowledge, we will help you to come up with the best ways of serving your customers. You will always be on top of the game when it comes to systematic innovation if you rely on the consulting services from Maximum Potential.

Our company has the capacity to exceed your expectation when it comes to the provision of all the above services. The level of knowledge that our trainers possess is immeasurable.  The good news is that you will get all these consultancy solutions at rates that are quite affordable in the region. You will get the real value for your money whenever you are using a Maximum Potential professional. Our primary objective is to offer practical solutions for any business. It will take you a very short period to take the productivity of your brand to the next level.

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