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Lean Six Sigma in Jackson, Tennessee (TN)

If you’re here, that’s probably because you’ve grown interested in a method we use and help companies to implement in their processes: Lean Six Sigma. Is this the case? Then, you are in the right place.

We at Maximum Potential, provide assistance and support to use and understand this methodology better so companies can take all the benefits from it. That being said, do you know how it works and what is it about? Let’s start from there.

What’s the main goal of Lean Six Sigma?

Improving processes, mostly, those where people or your employees if you want to be more specific, are involved. The way it does it is by eliminating or reducing waste in all the processes and operations, such as defects, overproduction, unnecessary mobility, and more. If you’re wondering why you would spend or invest your time on this, the reason is simple: because eliminating waste and any aspect that makes your processes more difficult is equal to solving problems.

To see it more simply, Lean Six Sigma looks to solve all the problems in the production cycle and make all the elements that produce or cause more of them, disappear. There’s an instrument we like to use when helping companies to implement it which is called Lean Value Stream Mapping.

It consists of drawing your production cycle and point or identify each process on it, processes 1, 2, 3, and so on. Once this is done and your cycle is complete, you will start to put every aspect that is involved in each process, especially waste and defects.

When our team finishes, we always move onto the last step, redrawing the map but without the waste and aspects that interfere. This second map is the results you want to obtain and the goal of the implementation of the methodology.

What’s best about it?

There are several aspects and elements that we consider to be the best when going for this option. Starting with the fact that the company implementing it doesn’t have to spend a fortune on it.

Many methods involve having to buy several tools or instruments, but in the case of Lean Six Sigma, everything is on the documents and statistics. The instruments it uses are statistical ones where you can identify the problems of the company and find solutions for them. Also, to have a better picture of what needs to be removed or eliminated.

All this makes it a cost-effective way to achieve the goals of reducing the failures in the processes, use fewer resources, and even improve the quality of the products you obtain for your clients.

What’s our role in all this?

Help and assist you in implementing and go through all the phases in the method.

It is quite simple when you learn about Six Sigma, but you still require a team of experts where each member will fulfill an important role and function according to its level. Our company has a team of professionals waiting for you.

It will help you to obtain the desired results and make sure that your company will improve continuously.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Tennessee. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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