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How is A3 Related to Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is so complex and so big that if you try learning it all at once, it’s going to eat you alive. Luckily for you, there are Lean Six Sigma Training and Consulting companies like us here at Maximum Potential, always ready to help you. But among all the many different types of processes and techniques used, one of the most closely related is the A3 management, and it’s one of the masterpieces of the business industry. What is A3? Is it a specific process? Is it a managerial procedure or process? How is A3 Related to Lean Six Sigma?

Those questions are the questions that are thrown the most whenever we receive inquiries and questions regarding Lean Six Sigma. Before we answer all of those, let’s first discuss what it is.

What is A3 Management?

Contrary to popular belief, the A3 management is the approach that transforms the organization’s management schemes into a learning exercise – and it’s done within the entire organization. Technically speaking, A3 is a template – a structured template used for problem-solving in a continuous and in a growing manner.

Also known as Systematic Problem Solving (SPS), the A3 Management Approach is technically as close as Kaizen, following the PDCA or Plan, Do Check, Act framework.

How is A3 Related to Lean Six Sigma?

You might be confused and now, we’re pretty sure that you’re wondering and confused about all these business process development exercises and practices. They all look and sound similar but if you take a look at it closely, there are some slight differences – and that’s the beauty of business process improvement.

Akin to how Lean Six Sigma works, A3’s goal is to slowly but surely improve and develop an entire organization. Lean Six Sigma is quite different because its principles are focused on the improvement of business processes for the customer experience overall – and it’s moving from one department or division to another. A3, on the other hand, aims to develop an organization as a whole and without putting too much pressure. Its methodological way of being implemented is through some type of learning experience for the professionals and the workers within the company.

Some of the most common uses of A3 Management include:

  • To document the learning of project improvements
  • To be able to moderate and facilitate the comprehension of problems
  • To work at a solution
  • To properly introduce new products and services efficiently

Problem-Solving Similarities

Both A3 and Lean Six Sigma are adjacent to one another because of its process or procedure of problem-solving. Both of them are effective and efficient in order to solve problems specifically within the company – but their ranges are different.

With A3, the process of solving problems would regularly be in the following template:

  1. Background of the Problem
  2. Statement of the Problem
  3. Goal
  4. Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  5. Adjustment and Improvement
  6. New Target Development
  7. Plan Execution or Implementation
  8. Follow-up and Finalization
  9. Full Implementation
  10. Results Evaluation

Through this 10-step process, companies, businesses, and other organizations are rooting for their businesses to improve on a whole new level of scale. And when you choose us here at Maximum Potential to teach it to you, you will never encounter any type of problem. Whether you want to learn it the long-way, or if you want a brief rundown of it – we’re the company that you can absolutely count on.

A3 and Lean Six Sigma

With the many business processes now being practiced by millions of companies, the disciplines of A3 and Lean Six Sigma still remain unscathed. The two (2) are still deemed as the best and the most useful especially if a company or a corporation is in its dire state of being improved and developed.

So, don’t forget: How is A3 Related to Lean Six Sigma? They complement each other. One can stand alone without the other but having both of them inculcated and integrated in your businesses would be a whole new level of improvement and development.

Wherever you may be, if you need help whether in training or in the consulting of Lean Six Sigma, remember that Maximum Potential is just one call or email away. You will never regret your decision of choosing us – you will be, in fact, be enticed to get more of our services.

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