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Lean Six Sigma for Secondary Education

Primary school is the foundation of the behavioral skills of a child; its where basic instincts are formed, and it’s the exact time when a youth is honed and transformed into what he or she will become in the following years. High School or Secondary Education, on the other hand, is the time in a child’s school life when they are the most susceptible to learning the most information; that’s why you still remember that Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

In the latter case, we here at Maximum Potential were able to innovate and devise a Curriculum wherein we offer Lean Six Sigma for Secondary Education – and it paid off. Now, many high schools and secondary education institutions are following the footsteps we have trail blazed and other competitors we have in the industry copied our initiative.

Importance of Lean Six Sigma for Secondary Education

Questions and doubts filled our inboxes and our phones when we pitched the Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Secondary Education. There was no assurance that it was going to work.

We began teaching Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt  to 15 students (three teams of five). These three teams demonstrated that their Green Belt projects met the industry standard. That’s when Education Departments from all over the country asked us for our expertise and assistance. Lean Six Sigma has been deemed and looked at by many as an important and integral part of the education of students in the level – but how?

Participation in Team-Based Problem Solving Projects

Maximum Potential is all about interaction and connection – and among the favorite benefits we have from our program is the fact that students will be confident and comfortable in participating in projects. They will have the discipline that they need to function in a given group in order to arrive at the best and the most accurate resolution to solve a problem.

Decision-Making Skills

Many of us never honed our decision-making skills because we focused more on getting our grades up rather than really understanding what it all meant – and that’s one thing that our Lean Six Sigma for Secondary Education Program wishes to change.

At Maximum Potential, it doesn’t matter whether or not you pass assessments – of course, it would matter but for Lean Six Sigma, what matters is that you finish the project, you have it reviewed, and you get certified. The skills and the expertise that you will be able to pick up from our Lean Six Sigma Curriculum is astonishing – and we can absolutely guarantee you that you will never be able to find it with another company.

Value or Non-Valuable Added

Part of the many skills that we hone and enhance through our Lean Six Sigma for Secondary Education Program is the ability of a student or learner to recognize and distinguish services and processes that add or contribute value to the company or the overall project. Through the elimination of waste and variation (Lean Six Sigma trait), they can easily identify which processes and variables are not important and relevant to the business process.

Are Our Services Effective?

With Maximum Potential, you really wouldn’t have to worry about the effectiveness and the efficiency of our services. We have proven the effectiveness and the efficiency of it and the evidence are all of our clients who trusted us.

From LBrands, Local Graham Schools, P&G, Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F), and other world-renowned institutions and organizations, they’ve trusted Lean Six Sigma the Maximum Potential way.

Need Urgent Professional Help?

If you find that you need help in the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in Secondary Education or High School, do not ever hesitate to contact us here at Maximum Potential.  You will never regret your decision of working with us and you will absolutely enjoy and make use of the features and the other functionalities that we have within the entire MaxPT System.

What are you waiting for? Dial us or send us an email here at Maximum Potential and we will be more than ready and prepared to assist you. Do you need Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification to be able to teach and train Secondary Education students? Do you need Consulting? We’re an all-package company!

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