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Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement-Maximum Potential

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

Many working professionals consider Lean Six Sigma as a process that would help increase their capabilities and their skills in contributing to the overall success of the companies that they work for. In their eyes, it’s for personal improvement; when looked at from the perspective of companies and business owners, it’s a different story.

Brief History About Lean Six Sigma

For the knowledge of everyone, Lean Six Sigma is defined as merely a discipline, a methodology that incorporates the use of data, statistics, as well as history in determining and amplifying the success rates of business processes. Through Lean, which aims to identify and reduce — or totally eradicate wastes in a business process, to Six Sigma that aims to improve a business process through the removal of variations, the minimization of defects, and so on, Lean Six Sigma is the perfect practice that would help out in the business development and improvement process.

Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training

You have two (2) options should you need the help and the assistance of an expert; you can get Lean Six Sigma Consulting or Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification — both of which are services that we, at Maximum Potential, are capable of helping you with. Our experience of over 150 years combined through all of our coaches, instructors, and consultants, make us the best and the most reliable Lean Six Sigma company in the industry.

What we focus on, in this case, is not just the teaching of students —we also pay close attention to how they’ll be able to integrate everything they’ve learned, how they can apply it to their daily jobs and responsibilities, as well as how they’ll be able to manage self-improvement.

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

Since we’re now all aware that the goal of Lean Six Sigma is to improve certain business processes and procedures, let us discuss one of the most sought after and the most used Lean Six Sigma methodologies and frameworks: the DMAIC.

DMAIC, short for (D) – Define; (M) – Measure; (A) – Analyze; (I) – Improve; and (C) – Control is the Lean Six Sigma Methodology for process improvement. Going through the process would not just enhance and develop a certain business process, it’s also going to promote the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the process through the eradication of variation, the different types and kinds of waste, as well as irrelevant and inessential processes, materials, people, and materials.

Through the Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement, everything that needs to be addressed within a certain business process will be done and developed without you spending a fortune for it.

Benefits of Process Improvement

It might sound obvious to you, and you might tell yourself that it’s a simple thing to understand. However, not many people are inclined and adept enough to understand the advantages and benefits of business process improvement.

But we here at Maximum Potential, we’ll be more than happy to help and assist you with everything you need. Should you find yourself in a situation where you’re in need of a company that you can bank and count on for the Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement that you need, we’re just a call or an email away!

Businesses and Industries We Cater To

The most common misconception around Lean Six Sigma is it’s a methodology and a discipline that’s only going to be effective in the manufacturing and the production industry when in reality, it’s not limited to that.

As a matter of fact, tons of businesses are using it now for the overall improvement and development of their businesses. The most common organizations and industries that come to our aid include:

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Customer Service Industry
  • Sales and Marketing (Digital Marketing)
  • Healthcare and the Medical Industry
  • Manufacturing and Fabrication
  • Automotive
  • And Many More

It really doesn’t matter what your business is and you don’t need to be a company that produces goods; as long as you have a business process and you’re looking at improving it, going for the Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement plan would be the best course of action you can take.

Why Work With Us?

There might be other companies that can offer the same services we do — and there might be other Lean Six Sigma Training and Consulting Services that have better technique than us. However, no other company is capable of providing the same level and quality of application we do.

At Maximum Potential, all of the Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement procedures you need would be given to you. With the robust framework that we offer, you’ll never feel a shortage of what we offer!

We offer Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification via Zoom too! Wherever you are, you can count on us to be the answer to all the problems that you have!

Lean Six Sigma Levels-Maximum Potential

Lean Six Sigma Levels

Understanding and fully comprehending Lean Six Sigma could be a challenging task — but it doesn’t always have to be. Should you be new to the topic, you might be aware of how everything works such as the levels involved, the different types of roles, as well as the kind of responsibilities each role has in the business process development or improvement project.

Lean Six Sigma Levels and Martial Arts

Because of the flexibility and the type of responsibility each belt has, different levels of Lean Six Sigma have been patterned from the proficiency levels and belts of Martial Arts, starting from the White Belt up to the Black Belt. Each level has its own responsibility and its role in a business, but this doesn’t mean that one can go without the other. As a matter of fact, Black Belts wouldn’t be successful without the efficiency and the help of Yellow and Green Belts, and vice versa. And if you’re interested in knowing more about this topic, or even applying and being certified, you can count on us here at Maximum Potential, the most trusted and the most effective Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification company.

Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification

Maximum Potential is a company that can help you with the following Lean Six Sigma Levels:

  • White Belt Level Lean Six Sigma
  • Yellow Belt Level Lean Six Sigma
  • Green Belt Level Lean Six Sigma
  • Black Belt Level Lean Six Sigma

Roles of Different Levels

We all are aware that the Lean Six Sigma discipline aims to improve and to further develop business processes. Basically, that means that each belt has a particular role and responsibility in a Lean Six Sigma project.

White Belt

White belts are the type of people that can be tasked to work projects that would be collaborative. What they do is they support team and group-based projects; however, they might not be a part of the Lean Six Sigma project team.

Their level of awareness of Lean Six Sigma is only awareness of how it works, how it’s done, and the like.

Yellow Belt

Being a Yellow Belt, you first need to be knowledgeable on how Lean Six Sigma is; and it’s also included in the program that we offer here at Maximum Potential. The role of a Yellow Belt is technically the same as the White Belt. The only difference is that they’re recognized and deemed as a part of the Lean Six Sigma project team. Part of their responsibilities includes checking and assessing business process improvements, assisting Green Belts with their task, basic analogy, and so on.

Green Belt

A Green Belt-certified Lean Six Sigma professional plays a critical role in the project. They’re the masters and the experts in data collection, translation, and analysis for the projects lead by Black Belts. They’re considered as the source of data. Simultaneously, they’re also the people who would lead Green Belt projects.

Black Belt

In Martial Arts, being a Black Belt means everything; it’s a usual sign of extreme proficiency and with it comes great responsibility, too. The main role of Black Belts is to help out and lead Black Belt projects for process improvement and development.

However, that’s not everything they do. They also train coaches, Green Belts, as well as other teams that are less adept and coherent about the overall Lean Six Sigma project.

Master Black Belt

The top of the Lean Six Sigma Levels — the Master Black Belt is known as the “guru” of Lean Six Sigma. Their role in a Black Belt project is to train both Black and Green Belts, in order to juice and maximize the efficiency and the effectiveness of business processes.

Their eyes are always on the prize — they lead in the development of metrics, strategy, decisions, as well as the crucial factors and aspects of the business process improvement or development. They’re the maestro of the developmental projects as they’ll be the creator of everything that a company needs for it to improve and develop on a large scale.

At Maximum Potential, there’ll be nothing you’ll ask for; we would provide everything that you need in as fast as we can get them to you. We’ve trained and certified tens of thousands of students, from all the belts.

Many well-recognized international institutions have trusted us and our skill — what makes you think we can’t help you? Should you be in dire need of a company that you can trust, you can bank on us here at Maximum Potential akin to how companies, businesses, and even international organizations have.

Contact us through any of the channels we have and we’ll be prepared to provide the highest quality of consultation and training that you need. Maximize your resources and assure yourself through the exemplary quality of Lean Six Sigma Levels nurturing that we have.

Describe the 5s Lean Six Sigma Tool-Maximum Potential

Describe the 5s Lean Six Sigma Tool

When you know about Lean Six Sigma, what are the first things that come to mind? Do you think about its effects as well as its benefits and its advantages to a certain company or business? Or do you specifically think about the processes and the procedures involved in it?

One of the most used and sought after tools is the 5S tool; many people are not aware of what it is — they’re not even sure that it exists. We here at Maximum Potential are more than happy to help you as we can describe the 5S Lean Six Sigma Tool and what it’s all about.

Lean Six Sigma Goal

Technically speaking, the goal of Lean Six Sigma is to make sure that a certain business process is in its best and most maximized, giving it the flexibility and the overall versatility in adjusting to certain circumstances. Part of the advantages and the benefits of Lean Six Sigma for a business or a company includes:

  • A more simplified business process
  • Develop business strategy
  • Waste management and reduction
  • Removal of variation
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • And many more

The 5S in Lean Six Sigma

Because Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that aims to identify and reduce waste, the 5S is a concept that deals with the five (5) words that start with the letter “S.” This concept was taken originally from the Japanese and is comprised of:

  • Seiri (Sort)
  • Seiton (Set in Order)
  • Seiso (Shine)
  • Seiketsu (Standardize); and
  • Shitsuke (Sustain)

These steps are what’s commonly used in eradicating and in organizing a specific workplace. As a matter of fact, this is what’s used to eliminate all the eight (8) types of wastes determined by the Lean Manufacturing System. And that’s what we at, Maximum Potential, will be helping you within your journey in learning and in embodying Lean Six Sigma into your business process development and improvement plans. We’ll take a deeper look at this 5s Lean Six Sigma Tool in order for you to have a better and a more comprehensible understanding of it.

Seiri — Sort

Organization starts with sorting — it can be the sorting of the workplace material, the clutter of a company, the designation of work and responsibilities, and the like. In this step, the following benefits would include:

  • Better and simplified individual tasks
  • Decreased hazard and accidents
  • Reduction of irrelevant and non-valuable activities

Seiton — Set in Order

After sorting, the next step is to set everything in order. In this step, the goal is for a certain company to be able to observe and to know about the storage or the management of teams, inventory, as well as the materials needed by a company.

This phase is one step closer to the full rehabilitation and development of a business process. Some of the benefits that seiton offers businesses and companies include:

  • The efficiency of space and storage
  • Use of employee or worker talent and skills
  • Location of items, materials, files, and the like

Seiso — Shine

So, all the unneeded and the inessential clutter and waste is gone, the question is this: what do you do with it? What are the things that can make you benefit from it? In this step, it’s relevant to make sure that the first two steps are to be followed up.

Let’s take an example; here with us at Maximum Potential, once we figure out the problem and we’ve filtered the waste, we’ll go and promote the cleanliness and the organization of each process because you’re the one who’s going to benefit from it, too.

Seiketsu — Standardize

Once you successfully perform the first three (3) steps, you’ll be good to go. The only thing you have to do is to make those practices standard so that employees and workers would know about it. Standardize it or shift it to normalcy; that way, everyone will be following and will be doing according to the changes.

Shitsuke — Sustain

So you’ve made everything standard, the last but definitely not the least of the steps is to sustain it. You may be successful in doing it for months — but would you be able to sustain it for a year? That’s where the real challenge is at.

Don’t worry, if it’s about business process improvement, we here at Maximum Potential are ready to help you. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re working at, so long as you need expert and professional help, we’re just a call away. Whatever help you need, whether you need regular Lean Six Sigma Consulting or Training, you can count on us!

You’re now able to describe the 5s Lean Six Sigma Tool — you can use it for your own benefit and for the improvement and the larger development and expansion of your business or your company. Should you need extra assistance, you know who to call and contact!

Lean Six Sigma Methodology-Maximum Potential

Lean Six Sigma Methodology

When it comes to business process improvement, there’s no other technique or methodology that has proven its worth and efficiency other than Lean Six Sigma. This methodology has been around for tons of decades and many different companies and organizations have benefited from it.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that has been derived from Lean and Six Sigma — two practices and disciplines that both have the same goal — to make sure that a certain business process is at its maximum and its most efficient. It is a discipline that has been practiced by people from different kinds of job titles in various business industries and it’s been effective and efficient for them.

Today, we here at Maximum Potential are considered by many companies and businesses as their go-to consultant and training facility because of the exemplary work we offer. We’ve helped out and assisted many different clients some of which include LBrands, Graham Local Schools, KoneCranes, P&G, The World Bank, and many more.

Lean Six Sigma Methodology

Since Lean Six Sigma is a practice that’s aimed towards business process improvement and development, part of its main frameworks is the DMAIC method. The DMAIC method, short for (D) – Define; (M) – Measure; (A) – Analyze; (I) – Improve, and (C) – Control, is the framework used by companies in order for them to have a more developed and an improved business process.

Under this methodology, all our consultants, coaches, instructors, and experts here at Maximum Potential can all guarantee students, learners, and other clients who can be company or business owners that they’ll be getting step-by-step instructions as to how they can maximize and improve their overall business processes.

The Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

With the Lean Six Sigma Methodology, there can be two (2) faces; one is the face of the business or the company owner, and one is the face of a professional worker. There are many advantages of Lean Six Sigma and it’s not something that would be aged; it’s a timeless strategy, a timeless structure that can be used generation after generation by companies for the improvement and the development of their businesses.

For working professionals, they can expect things and outcomes such as higher pay, better promotion opportunities, and even leadership roles. For companies and businesses, on the other hand, they have a deeper and more sensible reason for it such as increasing company credibility, profitability, managing costs and expenses, and the like. When you choose to work with us here at Maximum Potential, you’ll not only get the quality consulting and training that you need; not only that, you can expect to have a high caliber of diversified programs and certification as well. Here are some of the advantages and benefits of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology that you can take advantage of.

Heightened and Increased Customer Experience

Through the Lean Six Sigma Methodology, a company can expect to increase and improve their ability to provide customer satisfaction and customer experience to their clients. Whatever business industry they might be in, they can expect that their clients would love the efficiency and the effectiveness of their services.

Less Cost, Less Risk

Choosing Maximum Potential as your Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training provider, you’ll never experience scarcity in the skills and the adeptness you’re looking for. When you decide to go with us, you can expect to have lesser risk and lesser cost, making it better for you as well as your business.

By mitigating the risks involved, you’ll have fewer chances of failing because you’ll know anything around your business processes.

Improved and Increased Profitability

Along with the improvement of customer experience and satisfaction are the enhancement and the overall development of the profits and the cash flow of your business. When you have happy customers, you’ll have a happy company — and that’s inevitable. Those are just three (3) of the most common and the most sought after advantages of Lean Six Sigma, there are more. Should you find yourself in a situation where you need help, always remember that Maximum Potential is just one call away.

You can reach out to us through any of the given digital channels we have and you can expect our response within a business day. Work with the best and never worry about how you’ll improve and develop your business processes ever again! Learn and embody the Lean Six Sigma Methodology in the most natural ways you can for a price that you’ll never regret paying. Never will you find another company that provides the same level of expertise and adeptness the way we do.

Experience robust-framework and world-class quality Lean Six Sigma Methodology practices and disciplines you can get in the industry. Work with us and be reminded of how valuable your company or your business is!

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