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Lean Six Sigma in Yankton, South Dakota (SD)

It is always possible to get better, you just have to focus your attention on the areas and things that matter. In a company, you might think “everything matters”, and you aren’t wrong with this. However, there’s always something that requires more attention than the rest in a very specific period on time.

Therefore, you just have to determine what is more crucial in the improvement and growth of your company and start working on it. Now, several aspects and elements are always important and a good idea to work with if you are moving onto the phase where you need to start all over again and improve aspects or areas. For example, your processes always need to improve in order to allow you, the company, to be more productive and efficient.

And the way you can do this is by eliminating all the aspects and elements that difficult each one of the processes and as a result, you will be able to reduce the failures in your production and the resources you use as well. Several aspects are involved in the improvement of your processes and we at Maximum Potential can help you to go through all of them to guarantee the best outcome.

How are we going to support you?

By implementing Team-Based Problem Solving and Micro-Improvement. There are way too many options when it comes to the solutions and methods you can implement or go for in a company. If you evaluate all the options, you will be able to discard a few by just knowing how much they cost or how many resources are necessary to implement them.

In simpler words, when looking for one, focus on the cost but also, how effective it is. This is why we help companies to implement Lean Six Sigma but before that, to know more about this cost-effective method. It is aiming for constantly improving processes. After all, the methodology comes from the term “Lean” and the Kaizen methodology.

Being the second one a method that follows the principle of “continuous improvement of the processes”. Which is exactly what we were discussing previously. That being said, it makes it possible by identifying all the problems in a company and anything that is considered waste—defects, overproduction, unnecessary actions, and more.

And for this, statistics, information, and data, will be the only instruments and tools you are going to need.

Why you should access our services

Because implementing it takes more than a couple of people. The methodology might be simple when it comes to what you need and all the 5 phases it has—determine, measure, analyze, improve, and control.

However, there are more than 5 people taking part in the project and all of them have different goals or roles.

In our company, we provide Lean Six Sigma Consulting, which means you will obtain all the support and assistance you need to not only have someone implement it for you but also allow you to learn more about the methodology. Therefore, don’t hesitate or doubt to contact us if you want to start using it.

We will guarantee you the best results and outcomes.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of South Dakota. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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