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Lean Six Sigma in Watertown, South Dakota (SD)

Is it possible to obtain reduce the resources you have to use or invest in the production of the final products for your clients? It is. And the main signal that tells you how possible it is is all the companies that have made it so far. If you are having difficulties with it, it’s probably because you’re not aiming in the right direction nor using the proper method.

First of all, there are many ways to obtain specific results in an area. To be more specific—in this case—, to improve processes in your company. Now, most companies look for cost-effective methods since it isn’t a secret for anyone that many require a fortune or many tools and instruments in addition to the implementation. And you would be surprised by how many of them don’t end up being what everyone expects.

That being said, have you heard about Lean Six Sigma and how effective it is to improve the processes of your company? If you haven’t, consider the idea of starting researching about it, and allow our company, Maximum Potential, to start telling you a bit more about it now.

Why you must know about it

It is one of the few methodologies that are focused on eliminating instead of adding, and you don’t have to invest in instruments or something similar to implement it. After all, Lean Six Sigma uses statistics and information about the company, its processes, and relationships with its clients, to determine what needs to be eliminated from the production.

In this method, the aspect or elements that need to be removed are usually called “waste”, and it refers—most of the time—to defects, overproduction, unused talent, and other aspects that are usually present in processes that are carried out by people. Now, what is the specific objective of doing all this?

To reduce the failures in each production cycle. Companies spend a lot of resources in obtaining the final product for their clients and, in the process, they experiment or go through several failures for many reasons. One of them is all the aspects that are interfering or making the processes more difficult.

Also, not prioritizing your client’s requirements will always make the production, or obtaining the final product almost impossible. If you follow the Lean Six Sigma methodology and all its 5 phases, you will be able to obtain the results you want. And the best part is that it won’t take place just once.

With this, we’re referring to the need for the method to continue improving processes over time. It isn’t something that is going to happen once or twice, or when you consider it necessary.

How can you start to implement it?

Once you find the assistance of experts that can help you to use Team-Based Problem Solving and Micro-Improvements—all this is related to the method—, you can start. Its implementation takes several people since determining the problems to be solved, all the waste that will be eliminated, and many more will require more than one or two people handling tasks.

In our company, Maximum Potential, you can ask about our Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services and Micro-Improvement System.

We will assist you in implementing it but also, train you to take part in the project if you wish for it.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of South Dakota. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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