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Lean Six Sigma in Huron, South Dakota (SD)

What do you need to improve your company’s performance? Many things. There isn’t a key or secret answer to this since the performance of your company depends on many areas and aspects. Therefore, saying that you need to pay attention to all of them is quite true and the right answer.

However, it is also true that there’s time for everything. Sometimes, you will have to work in the area of marketing while, at another time, you will have to pay more attention to your production and its processes. There’s a lot to deal with and we’re sure you won’t get bored but quite something else: anxious. When you have so much to deal with and you don’t know where to start or what is more crucial at the moment, it is inevitable to get a bit stressed with all the responsibility.

That being said, we might have a quick tip for you: dedicating time to the improvement of your processes is never a waste of time. And if you find the right way, you might even work in the entire improvement of your company without even notice.

Is there a way to improve your company from top to bottom?

Of course, there is! And in our company, Maximum Potential, we provide all the assistance and support to implement or use it. Now, what is this method or option about?

Everything is related to the Team-Based Problem Solving and Micro-Improvement options and strategies, which are mostly focused on improving processes that are handled for people or your employees. These processes usually have several problems that are related to communication and aspects that are considered “waste”. Such as defects, overproduction, unused talent, and more.

That being said, the entire idea of what we do and how we do it and help companies, comes from the Lean Six Sigma methodology, which consists of improving processes continuously. To be more specific, by using this method and elements from what we mentioned before, your company will be able to improve its processes and everything related to its performance. Like reduce the time of production, use fewer resources to obtain a final product, improve the profit and productiveness of the company, and many other things and aspects.

There are several elements involved in the implementation of this methodology and how things are carried out. However, with our assistance, we are sure you won’t have problems to guarantee yourself the best results.

Is there a way to have a better look at the improvements?

More than having a better perspective of the improvements, there’s a way to picture the entire project.

The instrument, Lean Value Stream Mapping, helps you and experts to visualize the processes of your production cycle that need to be improved. We—or you—draw a map with the entire cycle and each process while identifying the problems and waste in all of them.

Once the map is done with every detail, we continue to draw a new one but without the waste in the processes. In this way, we notice the improvements that will be present from now on in the entire production.

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