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Lean Six Sigma in Mobile, Alabama (AL)

All companies have some pressure when it comes to the productiveness and effectiveness during their processes to fabricate a product for a client. When you fabricate a product, you need to focus on the client’s requirements and expectations, but also make sure you are cost-effectively producing them. In simpler words, you need to identify if your company is producing the products and items for its clients while also maximizing the resources and time invested in it.

For this, you also need to look and notice if all the waste is being minimized to ensure a faster but, at the same time, a high-quality final product. This is a lot to consider and think about, right? If you are struggling with this goal and trying to find a method that can help you to get the final product for your client without going through several failures, we are here to help.

At Maximum Potential, we help companies and industries to implement a methodology called Lean Six Sigma that can help them to improve all the processes and minimize the waste. We will guide and advise you since the beginning and make sure you are obtaining the results that are meant for your company while implementing it.

What is “waste” in a company?

During production, many aspects and elements prevent your production cycle or process to obtain the final or desired product for your client in no time.

In a few words, you usually go through several failures while producing the product for your customer. These failures are the products that don’t meet the client’s requirements and what it is expecting from them.

To make sure you are producing the product your client is looking for and according to its requirements, the Lean Six Sigma method will help you to eliminate or minimize all the aspects preventing you from obtaining the desired result. Those aspects are usually: defects on the product, overproduction, unnecessary mobility, inventory, and more.

Access our consulting and training services

The Lean Six Sigma methodology involves a complex and extensive process that involves a problem solver—or more than one—that has knowledge and training to implement it correctly. At Maximum Potential, we can provide you with the support and assistance you need to start having a more productive and effective production cycle.

However, we also offer training for anyone who wants to become a problem solver and expert in Six Sigma. All you have to do is to contact us and request the specific service that adapts perfectly to your needs.

How is it implemented in the processes?

The methodology is focused—mostly—on the tasks and processes that involve human resources. By using Six Sigma, we will help you and them to have—first of all—a better communication as a team and as an individual that ensures improvement in a team-based focus.

Also, we will show you why organization and having a good knowledge of all the data and statistics is important to get the cost-effective production you are trying to achieve for your client and the company. One of the most important parts about implementing it is to help you identify all the problems that are affecting the production and effectiveness of the processes your company is carrying out.

Our company, through advice and support, will help you to identify them with the help of our problem solvers. By doing this alone, you are guaranteed to eliminate more than 50% of the waste that is holding you back from producing the perfect final product.

The whole objective is to have an efficient and high-quality product for delivery that meets the requirements of the client. All this, while also minimizing and avoiding all the waste and the percentage of failures during the production.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Alabama. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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