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Lean Six Sigma in Auburn, Alabama (AL)

Have you heard about a method that allows companies and suppliers to be more productive and reduce all the waste while fabricating the products for their clients? If you haven’t, you are missing something very important that will not only provide you with such benefits but also, allow you to ensure the perfect final product that meets everything your clients wish from it. Lean Six Sigma in what all companies are using—or trying to—to ensure the high-quality products in a shorter time while also minimizing the resources that are used.

The problem all suppliers have while fabricating a product is how long they take and also, how many resources they spend while trying to get the product that meets all the client’s requirements. And even when they finally achieve the result, producing several ones always comes with failures, which are the products that have some defects and don’t qualify as good to give to the client. You can reduce all this and ensure a more cost-effective and productive production by implementing the methodology of Six Sigma in the right way.

However, who can help you to make this happen? At Maximum Potential, we have black belt masters and more people who meet the role in the whole process. They will help you to obtain the results you need and want for your company by providing advice, support, and assistance.

Who is involved in implementing or using Six Sigma?

The Lean Six Sigma methodology has a structure when it comes to leadership and the people involved in implementing it in your company. It starts with white belts, who know about the basic terms and functions of the method. Yellow and green belts are the ones that start taking part in the projects that involve helping companies and industries with the production and processes.

Yellow belts are the ones that usually determine the issues in the processes of a company and report them to the green belts or higher positions so they can find a way to solve them. While green belts take part and responsibilities in all the projects and can handle them under the supervision of a black belt. As you can see, this distribution is very similar to karate where you receive a rank according to your knowledge, training, and skills.

In our company, we have all the people that take part in the process of helping you to determine the problems of your production and find solutions for them. All this to guarantee the reduction of the waste and make sure your company is obtaining the final product for the client without many failures and spending too many resources.

Get access to consulting services and training

As mentioned before, our company has several people and professionals who meet and fulfill all the roles in the Lean Six Sigma process. And Master Black Belts aren’t the top for us, we also have Champions that help us to develop the culture of this methodology. That being said, you can access more than our services to improve the processes and production of your company.

At Maximum Potential, we also provide training for anyone who wants to learn about it and become either a yellow or green belt. We are eager to train a new generation and provide them with all the knowledge and training required to be the perfect problem-solvers for their own companies or other businesses. Make sure to ask for our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training and Certification, which is also offered via Zoom—in case you’re worried about the current situation with the pandemic.

We are here waiting to know about the needs of your company to help you implement this method that will change everything for the better. Or to provide you with the training you were looking for all this time—maybe both things.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Alabama. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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