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Lean Six Sigma in Decatur, Alabama (AL)

What does it take to improve the production and performance of a company when fabricating a product for a client? Well, the answer isn’t simple when you think about it. A company that is trying to fabricate the desired product for a client has a long way to go to ensure the perfect one that meets all the requirements and needs of the customer. 

But being able to deliver the perfect product is just part of the whole process and let’s call it a problem as well. You need to worry about the production in a very general and specific way, both at the same time. If you aren’t understanding it, this part is easy to explain. You must focus on producing the perfect final result that is going to be delivered to your client, but you also have to ensure that your company is producing it while minimizing the waste and resources. All this to have a cost-efficient and productive method to get the product for your client and reduce the resources you are investing in it. 

For this, Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that can help you to improve all the areas and processes of your company by reducing the process variability. In simpler words, minimizing the failures while fabricating the products.

Phases of Lean Six Sigma

First of all, you must know that the implementation of this methodology takes not only one but rather several professionals with all the knowledge and training in the area. And in our company, Maximum Potential, we can provide you with the consulting, assistance, and support you need to use the statistics as the main tool to improve your processes and eliminate waste. We have professionals that go from white belt to black belt, which are the levels of the roles and experience each professional has when working with this method. 

Now, with their help, you will be able to go through all the phases of Six Sigma that will lead your company to prioritize the requirements and needs of your clients. That being said, how many phases are there?

  1. The first one consists in defining or determining the main goal of the project and all the requirements and expectations the client has for the product. 
  2. Determine the variables of the production and all the processes involved in it to identify the current performance—and be able to determine how it can be improved. 
  3. Which are the variations or problems affecting the processes and causing your company to have many failures and waste when going through the production cycle? 
  4. Eliminate the variations and solving problems. 
  5. Design a plan that will allow your company to control future processes to ensure a cost-effective production for your future clients as well. 

As you can see, it is complex, but only at the beginning. Our support and assistance will help you to go through each phase and ensure that your company is going in the right direction by using a methodology that—as an additional benefit—doesn’t involve spending a lot of money to get amazing results.

How to access our Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services? 

Our company is always available to help companies from all industries, and of course, suppliers and manufacturers that need improvement in their processes. You can contact us by giving us a call or sending an email with your inquiries and needs. 

We will make sure to assign you a Six Sigma professional right away that will help you and answer all your questions. You will notice a huge difference in the productiveness, effectiveness, and performance of your production after allowing us to assist you in the implementation of this methodology. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Maximum Potential!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Alabama. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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