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Lean Six Sigma in Hobbs, New Mexico (NM)

Solving problems should be part of your routine when managing a company, especially one that is focused on fabricating products for specific clients. After all, the production of your company will always be affected by any problem that says “present” in your processes right now. However, you might not have an idea of how to approach these problems or, in the first place, how to determine and identify them.

Fortunately, we have a suggestion for you. Lean Six Sigma is a method that can help you to determine all the problems affecting your processes and causing you to obtain different results that aren’t what your client expects from the products. And these results aren’t considered good things but rather failures and variations. When implementing the methodology we just suggested, you will be able to reduce the errors and prioritize the requirements of your clients to adjust your processes and obtain the final result.

For you to make this happen, we at Maximum Potential, provide Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services and Training. If you need to implement it—or want—to ensure the improvement of your processes and therefore, production, just make sure to contact us. And the same goes if you are looking more for a training and education option.

How does it start?

Just like any other methodology—or most of them—it has steps and phases. In this case, Lean Six Sigma has 5 in total that consist of defining or determining the main goal of the project and requirements of the client.

Next, measure the current performance of the processes and production overall to determine the variability that is present. This will lead you to the analysis that must be carried out with the information you collected plus all the statistics between your clients and production, to identify the causes of the variability—or variations.

Once this is done, improvement by changing and solving the problems and causes to reduce the variability of the processes will take place. To finally, set new measures to maintain the improvement of the processes and keep obtaining the final product without many failures beforehand.

All this will allow you to not only reduce the time of fabrication but also, satisfy your client and save more resources.

Our company has the right services for you

To implement this methodology, you need a team that is full of experts that can go through every phase with you. We are more than trained and experienced to fulfill this role, and we assure you that with our experts, you won’t have to worry about anything. Therefore, if you are looking for assistance and guidance, you are coming to the right place when contacting us, Maximum Potential.

That being said, we know you are curious about our Training option. It consists of teaching and training you in Lean Six Sigma so you can take part and a role in the project for your company or any other business. For this, we have specific services that are Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training and Certification—which is also offered via Zoom—, and general training to achieve several levels.

You can access our services anytime. Just let us know which one of them you need or if there is something specific you’re looking for to implement it.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of New Mexico. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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