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Lean Six Sigma in Clovis, New Mexico (NM)

What is Lean Six Sigma and how can it change the current performance of your company?

This is a question—actually, two—that you should be trying to answer as soon as possible. Especially if you are starting to get familiar or used to hearing or reading about Six Sigma. We don’t want to go too fast with this, so allow us to help you to answer the question: it is a methodology that will improve your processes.

Now, from this, you will start having many all questions that we at Maximum Potential, will be more than happy to answer.

What’s all the fuss about it?

This methodology is getting quite popular—which is probably why you’re here right now—since it is helping companies to obtain amazing improvements and therefore, results. These improvements are directly related to the processes and production cycle when it comes to fabricating the desired or needed product of a client—one that meets all the requirements.

As a company, you should always think about prioritizing the requirements and needs of your clients and, in this way, focus the processes on them to achieve the desired result: the final product. Lean Six Sigma helps you to make this possible by reducing or minimizing errors and getting rid of all the waste in each process. This waste involves aspects such as defects, unused talents, unnecessary mobility, and more.

Most of them are present in operations or processes that involve human resources directly. The whole methodology is about statistics, information, and how all the functions and actions of your human resources can be improved from this. Of course, there’s much more to it than just this, but it usually starts in focusing on the improvement of each process.

All this to obtain the final product faster without failing many times—obtaining a different result that doesn’t meet all the client’s requirements. And also, without spending a lot of time and resources in the production, at least, not more than necessary.

Are you interested in this methodology?

You should! If you are deciding on implementing it, make sure to contact us at Maximum Potential. Our company provides Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services that will help you to implement and use it correctly, guaranteeing in this way, the desired results.

We have an entire team of experts that will help you with each phase and aspect. Including the improvement when it comes to communication as a team and an individual as well. Count on us if you want this to be part of your company and achieve with it a cost-effective, profitable, and amazing production.

Yellow and Green Belt Training

In our company, we also provide training in the area for entrepreneurs and every person interested in learning about it. You are welcome to access our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training and Certification anytime, which are the first levels and roles in the methodology.

You will learn everything about it and have the opportunity to have a good base to implement it in your company by yourself in the future, or to participate in Six Sigma projects with a full team.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of New Mexico. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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