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What’s the Difference Between Lean Six Sigma vs. Six Sigma?

If you’ve been knowledgeable in Lean Six Sigma for some time now, you would know that before Lean Six Sigma, Lean and Six Sigma are both different terms. The reason why it became Lean Six Sigma is because of the comprehensive solution it provides companies, businesses, and organizations. But are you aware of what’s the difference between Lean Six Sigma vs. Six Sigma? Are they really the same? Or are there major differences with them?

Before we discuss them, it is important to note that “Lean” is not the same as “Six Sigma.” They are two (2) different practices and disciplines with different goals and aims but the truth of the matter is that they almost have the same goal.

What is Lean?

Lean is a term or a word that basically means greater and higher value using fewer and lesser resources. The main goal of Lean is to make sure that in a business process, all the wastes are at its minimal and that the delivery is still within the expectations of a certain company. The methodology has been coined and created by Toyota in the mid 20th century. Since then, many manufacturers saw it as one of the most important and the most essential practices that would help out in the high-value production while keeping wastes at the minimum.

What is Six Sigma?

If Lean is an approach that is coined and created by Toyota, Six Sigma is a methodology developed by Bill Smith while he was working for Motorola in the early 1980s. It’s an approach that relies highly on statistics, data, history, and continuous business process improvement and development that focuses on aiming for fewer defects in a million opportunities.

Part of the main goals of Six Sigma is to make sure that the defects per million should only sit around 3.4 or less in order to guarantee quality and customer satisfaction in a bigger picture.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is the combination of both Lean and Six Sigma, mastering customer satisfaction and customer experience while making sure that the wastes are at the minimum promoting lower cost, higher profitability, and improved and developed business processes.

Difference Between Lean Six Sigma vs. Six Sigma

Now that you know about both of the parents of Lean Six Sigma, do you know what’s the difference between Lean Six Sigma vs. Six Sigma? Are you knowledgeable on how they’re similar and how they’re different?

Essentially, both of them have the same goal – and that is to improve and develop further a certain business process. However, it might not be differences but they have slightly different goals than one another and that’s what we here at Maximum Potential can help you with.

Lean Six Sigma Focus

The focus of Lean Six Sigma is to minimize the wastes involved in a certain business process while making sure that the improvement is to happen through the different business methodologies involved. The eight (8) types of waste include: Waiting Times, Motion, Defects, Inventory, Transportation, Unused Staff or Employee Skill, Overprocessing, and Overproduction.

Through Lean Six Sigma, you’ll be able to reduce or totally eliminate the waste through due processes, making you more profitable while promoting customer experience and/or customer satisfaction in its path.

Six Sigma Focus

On the other hand, Six Sigma focuses only on the process of improving or developing certain business processes by decreasing errors and defects in a business process. It’s more of a process improvement scheme as compared to Lean Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a methodology that looks toward the point of improving and developing customer experience and customer satisfaction through the reduction or the elimination of variation of business processes; it simplifies it, making it goal-specific.

Nevertheless, they both have the same mission — and working professionals look at them as entirely the same. We here at Maximum Potential have been trusted as the best and the most comprehensive Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training Company in the entire region, even by some international well-renowned companies.

Through our extensive and our rigorous training sessions, our high-tech and digital approach, as well as the unscathed and unbeaten results we give our clients, no other competitor is able to match what we offer. Wherever you may be, if you want to experience world-class quality Lean Six Sigma Training, always remember that Maximum Potential is just one call away. No matter how you look at it or no matter what you think about the difference between Lean Six Sigma vs. Six sigma, they have the same conclusion.

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