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What’s the Difference Between Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma has hit the shelves when it came out, with almost all companies and large organizations from all across the globe wanting it. But many of us are not aware that Lean Six Sigma is not how we know of it.

As a matter of fact, Lean Six Sigma is a methodology from two (2) combined disciplines – Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. So if they can be together in just one methodology, What’s the Difference Between Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma? What are the things that make them what they are?

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean Manufacturing is a methodology created to help a manufacturing company to reduce, or better yet, eliminate waste in a business process. Out of the eight (8) categories of waste, whichever’s bringing negative stats to the company, that’s what it will focus on.

In other words, Lean Manufacturing is a methodology that helps a company speed up its processes because of less waste and less irrelevant variables in a business process. This methodology has been derived and created from the concept of efficient operations from the Toyota Production System (TPS). It has been since one of the most used methodologies to minimize waste created in various business processes.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma, on the other hand, is a methodology that has been coined and created by Bill Smith, an American Engineer working for Motorola back in 1986. As opposed to Lean Manufacturing or Production, Six Sigma is not intended only for the manufacturing and the fabrication industry – it has been widely used in many different businesses and industries.

This methodology is known to be a set of strategies and techniques to improve the business process of a certain company. Its main focus is to enhance and fully develop the quality of a business process by the removal of variation, as well as other irrelevant and insufficient procedures.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Now that you’re aware what both Six Sigma and the Lean Methodology is, you’ll be able to get a hold of what Lean Six Sigma is – and you’re right, it is a methodology that simultaneously deals with the waste identification and reduction of a company to improve the business processes for clients and customers.

Now that you know What the Difference is Between Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, what do you think is better for you or your organization?

When formed together, they become a fort that is hard and difficult to beat. It’s efficient and effective and it’s wanted by many organizations and companies from all over the globe because of its effectiveness – and if you need help with it, you can count on us here at Maximum Potential, the most trusted and the most sought Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training Company.

High-Quality Training and Consulting

Many companies, businesses, and organizations do their best in locating the best and the most reliable Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training institution, but they end up failing because they’re not looking hard enough.

If you are a part of that demographic, you are lucky because we’ll be able to help you out with it. We’re named and deemed as the best and the most dependable Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training Company because of the caliber and the quality of the results of our programs.

We’re not talking about how good we teach and train – we’re talking about how people, clients, and customers perform after they get our services.

Maximum Potential is a company that focuses on the application and the overall integration of Lean Six Sigma into a certain business process. Unlike other companies that care much about “how their training program looks,” or “how they would teach their students;” we care most about how our learners can apply what they’ve learned.

The Best and the Most Effective Curriculum

When you work with us here at Maximum Potential, expect that you’ll receive the best Lean Six Sigma Curriculum you can ever get – and it’s all because of the adeptness and the skill of our Lean Six Sigma Coaches, Instructors, and Proctors.

Many people question our program at first and don’t believe in the excellence we have with the combined Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Mastery that we offer. However, when they know about the collective and the supreme Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification we offer, they always want their hands on it.

You now know What’s the Difference Between Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma – and you have become aware of the Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification that we offer. Should you find yourself in a position or a situation where you think you’ll need the intervention of the best and the most trusted in the industry, remember that Maximum Potential is just an email or a call away.

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