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What is Waste Reduction Consulting?

If you’ve been in the business industry for quite some time now, then you will be aware of what business waste is – you’ll have an idea or two about what it is; how it’s handled, as well as the things that revolve around it. One of the things that most business and company owners wish for is for these types of waste to be reduced – or better yet, eradicated. Obviously, waste is something that’s produced by a certain situation or process that a company is not in dire need of.

That is also the reason why there is what we can waste reduction consultation for company and business owners who wish and look to reduce or completely eradicate the waste that their processes are producing. Herewith us at Maximum Potential, we’ll be able to get you the waste reduction programs and strategies that you need in order for your company to have better and more efficient business processes.

What is Waste Reduction Consulting?

Waste Reduction Consulting can be understood as easy as it sounds and it’s literally what it is. It’s the process of advising and providing information to the company about how they can manage the waste that their business processes are producing. For everyone who’s not in the know, there are actually eight (8) different types of waste in business. They are:

  1. Non-utilized employee creativity
  2. Defects
  3. Overproduction
  4. Overprocessing
  5. Waiting times
  6. Motion
  7. Transportation
  8. Inventory

Technically, these are the wastes in business processes, not exempting manufacturing and production. Many companies and business owners want to manage their wastes because it really has a compound effect on a specific business process.

So, the Management and the Reduction of Waste in a business process is to minimize or completely remove all of these wastes for a company to be able to have more breathing capacity, which will result in a better future for the business.

Non-Utilized Employee Creativity

This type of waste focuses on the ability of an employee to do work but does not achieve any form of success. For instance, it can be anything from poor management, insufficient and incomplete measures, failure to improve, and the like.


In a business process, there would always be a time when there will be defects. Defects are products and services that do not meet the standard layout or the standard plan of what it’ll be. There are always defects and that’s one of the wastes that we focus on here at Maximum Potential.


When a specific product exceeds the projected amount, overproduction occurs. This happens due to the lack of research, analysis, data, and control and can be a complete waste for the company in the long run.

Overprocessing or Excessive Processing

This type of waste occurs when a specific business process is designed poorly and insufficiently. One thing that we help our clients with whenever we encounter overprocessing is a well-thought-of and well-engineered process mapping; this eliminates steps that do not contribute well to a given process.

Waiting Times

People aren’t the only variables in a business that performs waiting; machines, equipment, and even processes wait too. So, in order to reduce or eliminate this type of waste, What Waste Reduction Consulting Experts usually do is they provide a specific schedule strictly patterned to the objectives and the goals of a certain company or business.


Motion waste is one of the most common types of waste in a business process. All irrelevant and inessential motion will only cost money for a company while providing zero value at all.


Transportation waste could be for people, for raw materials, equipment, and other input or output that would be used in a business process. Plans that are not prepared for usually yield this kind of waste.


Inventory waste is a kind of waste that can be derived from overprocessing or overproduction. In addition to that, inventory waste would also take up space, which contributes to motion waste. If you are a company or a business owner who is looking to control or better yet – eradicate all the business waste, working with us here at Maximum Potential would be the most effective and efficient thing you can do.

15-Decade Experience

Having over 150 years of combined experience, you’ll be able to count on us here at Maximum Potential for the Waste Reduction Consultation you need. We have the best team of consultants, instructors, coaches, and other trained personnel to help you in the controlling and management of your waste. You can count on us to help you with anything you need – just send us an email or give us a call! Wherever you are, you can expect to receive premium and prime Waste Reduction Consulting services without paying for a fortune!

Experience the best without spending tens of thousands of dollars!

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