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What are the Origins of Lean Six Sigma?

A lot of people are not aware that Lean Six Sigma is actually not what it is before. This methodology is known to be the combination of two (2) disciplines – Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. So What are the Origins of Lean Six Sigma? Where did it actually come from?

Both were coined and discovered to help businesses with problems, but they’re actually entirely different. The Origins of Lean Six Sigma can be traced back to this but before we do so, let us first discuss what each of its parents is.

Lean Manufacturing

All people who have knowledge about the discipline know that Lean is a discipline that has been discovered by Taiichi Ono of Toyota. Its source was from the Toyota Production System (TPS) and it has evolved over the years, transforming to be the overall system that helps manufacturing companies, as well as other businesses too.

In this methodology, the focus is all about the identification of waste – and the reduction of it or the total elimination. It’s used and wanted by companies, businesses, and organizations because of the time saved by people who utilize it.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma, on the other hand, is a discipline or a methodology that has been coined by the Motorola Engineer, Bill Smith. As compared to Lean, Six Sigma’s focus is not only on the identification and the reduction of waste – but the overall improvement and development of a business process.

Origins of Lean Six Sigma

Where Lean Six Sigma has originated from its roots. It actually is an approach that is team and group-based that look towards the goal of reducing waste in a business process, and at the same time, improving and developing it.

Unlike Lean Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma did not originate from Japan. Its origins can be seen in the United States in the 1980s as a mix or a combination of healthy management procedures and principles.  However, the official publication of Lean Six Sigma was in the year 2002 in the book of Robert Lawrence Jr., and Michael George called Lean Six Sigma: Combining Six Sigma with Lean Speed.

Managers and company leaders in the United States used the “Lean” Manufacturing to come up with a better solution to the problems – and thus, the Origins of Lean Six Sigma. Since then, a lot of companies wanted and needed it for the development and the overall improvement of their business processes.

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Understanding the Origins of Lean Six Sigma

With our help, we will let you understand the origins of Lean Six Sigma without you stressing about it. Understanding it is relevant to your knowledge because you will know:

  • How companies were able to use it
  • What benefits and advantages are involved in using it
  • The many aspects of business process improvement and development
  • And the like

Foreseeing the Effects of Lean Six Sigma

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