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Describe the SIPOC Process in Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a comprehensive methodology that addresses problems through the use of data, statistics, reliable history, as well as the certain behavior of a business or a company. One of the tools and the strategies used in the process is SIPOC, short for (S) – Suppliers; (I) – Inputs; (P) – Process; (O) – Outputs; and (C) – Customers.

This tool is responsible for the organization and the easy distinction of suppliers from clients and customers as well as the needs of a company from both ends. Have you heard of this tool? Do you need a professional that can help you in understanding it more and deeper? Do you need a professional to help you Describe the SIPOC Process in Lean Six Sigma? Should you need that, you can count on us here at Maximum Potential, the Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Certification company considered by dozens of companies, businesses, and organizations as the best and the most trusted company.

Defining the SIPOC Process

Lean Six Sigma is all about process mapping; it’s technically part of the steps and the principles of Lean Six Sigma. The SIPOC diagram is one form of process mapping and it’s mostly utilized to define a certain task, putting the goal of a project as well as the steps on how it’s going to be done and accomplished.

  • Supplier – The supplier is the one to provide the inputs in the business process;
  • Input – This is what the supplier would be providing a business; it could be anything from information, resources, tools, systems, etc. to assist in completing a process;
  • Process – The process is what would make inputs into outputs through a series of steps;
  • Outputs – The outputs are the products and/or the services that are the result of the process; and
  • Customer – People and companies who are the receivers of the

Importance of the SIPOC Process

You might see the SIPOC process as a simple diagram or a simple process map but it actually has relevance to it. When you work with us here at Maximum Potential, you will definitely see and be able to Describe the SIPOC Process in Lean Six Sigma better and more effectively. If you’re an observer, you might be asking, where does the SIPOC diagram fall within the DMAIC or the DMADV method? Is it in the last part? Is it in the middle part? Or is it finalized in the latter part of the framework?

With all technicality, the SIPOC process falls under and is duly completed in the “Define” phase. This is because of the fact that it studies how a certain product, output, or service is completed and is given; it needs to be studied and distinguished early on in the process. Here are some of the most important factors of the SIPOC process:

Easy Tool

Out of all the many tools that can be used in Lean Six Sigma, the SIPOC process or diagram is considered as the easiest and the most sought after. It’s detailed and at the same time, it’s easy to learn and to navigate.

Fast and Accurate Data

Because it involves the comprehensive part of the elements in a business process, it can guarantee to yield accurate data fast and efficiently. Moreover, there’ll be little-to-no errors because all data and information would be coming from the company based on the company’s history and detail.

Everything is Considered

Nothing’s left out in the SIPOC process; in fact, one of the reasons why many companies and businesses look into finding out and learning about the SIPOC diagram is because of its complexity and comprehensiveness.

From the roots of the process or the supplier, following the process — and then the output, everything is looked at, considered, and studied carefully and thoroughly.

Herewith us at Maximum Potential, whether you want to be taught and trained in the SIPOC process, or if you want to be trained and certified, you can count on us the same way other companies, businesses, and organizations have.

Our Reputation

We’ve helped and assisted a whole wide range of well-renowned companies and establishments both locally and internationally as regards the education and the training for the understanding of the entire SIPOC Process for Lean Six Sigma. You can bank on us and you can be given the assurance that we’ll never fail you!

We always have gone over and beyond the expectations of our clients and you can count on our skill and our overall excellence! Maximum Potential is the company that can enable your company’s maximum and fullest potential through the use of technology.

Dial us or send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help you with whatever you need! Experience high-quality training and certification when you decide to work with the best and the most trusted Lean Six Sigma Training Institution in the industry!

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