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Describe the DMAIC Process for Lean Six Sigma

One of the processes and the methodologies used in Lean Six Sigma is none other than the DMAIC. The DMAIC is the methodology used when improving a certain business process or a product, and it’s one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of Lean Six Sigma. When you work with us here at Maximum Potential for the Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification that you need, you’ll clearly see the DMAIC Process in live-action. You’ll see how and why our company has been deemed as the most effective and efficient Lean Six Sigma Training company in and out of the country.

DMAIC Process

If you’re in the know, how would you describe the DMAIC Process for Lean Six Sigma? How would you be able to know that it’s the DMAIC process being practiced and being done?

First and foremost, the DMAIC process is an acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control – and its main goal is to improve or develop a certain process or product.


In the define phase, it’s where the company or the business will define a specific problem or an improvement or development opportunity. It’s the part where the company will decide what they’ll need to improve or develop by providing a whole wide range of situations and scenarios.


Measure, as the next phase, is what would be the part of the DMAIC process where the current process is measured, as well as the possible outcome if it’s improved and controlled. This is the part of the phase where it focuses on quantifying the produce to see how much impact it can have.


In the analysis phase, it’s the phase or the part of the entire methodology focused on determining the root causes of the problems that have been identified in the “define” phase. Through analysis, not only the tip of the iceberg would be solved, but it’s going to be taken from the roots.


Finally, the part of the DMAIC process that’s focused in the improvement of the defined and the identified problem. Under the improve phase, specific programs and activities would be done to improve the certain process. Through the identified and the defined problems and opportunities, solid and permanent solutions would be put out for the development of the business process.


Last but definitely not the least is the control part, which handles the improved and the developed process as well as future process performances.

Example of the DMAIC Process for Lean Six Sigma

Now that you’re able to describe the DMAIC process for Lean Six Sigma, we here at Maximum Potential will help you better in understanding it by providing specific examples as regards the exact DMAIC process.

Say that you are a manager for a coffee company, your projected sales is falling short 10% than the projected total number of sales in a day. You find that most of your market is failing not because of the products you’re offering, but because of the marketing of your company.

Through the DMAIC method or practice, you figure out the flaws of the marketing and you find out about how you can improve and develop it further. Because you made use of the DMAIC method, you’re able to provide a whole wide range of options and opportunities for your company and for your clients, improving not only the profitability of your business but also the customer satisfaction and the customer experience that you offer.

What is DMADV?

Other than the DMAIC method, another method, which is the DMADV or the Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify is another business process improvement methodology. However, in this methodology, what’s going to happen is that it’ll make sure that a new process or a new product is going to be effective and efficient.

Instead of improving, the phase right after the analysis is design; and in this phase, the product or the process would be redesigned and would be re-enhanced to make sure that a specific and a certain design or structure of a business process is at its best.

When you work with us here at Maximum Potential, you can be sure that all of the services and the processes we do undergo the right and the correct DMAIC process for Lean Six Sigma — we practice what we preach and that is the reason why we know it’s effective and that the methodology works!

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