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Lean Six Sigma in Vancouver, Washington (WA)

Maximum Potential provides you services like Lean Six Sigma Consulting, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, and Green Belt Training and Certification. Our services are used by high school students to build job opportunities for their future, by companies to improve their production and by organizations to streamline the flow of processes to improve their working and performance. If you are in Vancouver, looking for such services, then immediately give us a call. We are currently serving many High Schools and organizations situated in Vancouver. But first of all, let’s discuss what Lean Six Sigma is? 

Lean Six Sigma 

Lean Six Sigma is a blend or mixture of principles of Lean Manufacturing and techniques of Six Sigma to create a full-system that eliminates waste and decreases process variation for streamlined flow of processes and excellent output of products. To understand the techniques used in Lean Six Sigma to improve your processes, let us discuss the tools that you will use while working with the Lean Six Sigma System.

Lean Six Sigma Tools 

The 5 Whys 

This tool is used to find the root cause of the problem within the organizations. The process is : 

  • Note down the challenges faced by your company so everyone can know them. 
  • Find the answer to why these problems occurred
  • If you haven’t found the root cause of the problem, then ask the question the why again
  • Repeat step 4 to 5 times to find the true cause of the problem 

The 5S System

It is a method used to organize the workplace, facilitating better accessibility and maintenance. 

The 5 S’s are: 

  • Sort: Remove all unnecessary items leaving only necessary materials required for the production. 
  • Set In Order: Label the necessary items after organizing them properly.
  • Shine: Keep your work area and everything in it clean. 
  • Standardize: Note down the standards for Sort, Set In Order, and Shine. 
  • Sustain: Apply the standards written above from time to time and make it a habit for everyone to maintain the standards. 

Value Stream Mapping 

A value stream map helps you improve and change for better the flow of materials and information of all processes in your organization. The principal aim of this is to make your processes swift, compact, and precise by eliminating the wait time between processes and no value-adding activities. A value stream map helps you to identify these three things : 

  • Value enabling activities 
  • Value-adding activities 
  • Nonvalue adding activities 

Regression Analysis

It is a statistical process that helps you understand and estimate the relationship between any number of inputs and an output variable. Graphing these variables can help you to know your current pattern in your workflow. With this, you can edit your input variables to get the desired pattern in workflow and the required output. 

Pareto Chart

It is one of the best tools to identify the sources that cause problems in the processes. The Pareto Chart helps to identify the biggest problems faced by processes by graphically displaying the differences between groups of data. 

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