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Lean Six Sigma in Kent, Washington (WA)

Want to grow your business effectively in Kent. Maximum Potential is here in your services. We highly recommended and one of the certified companies. In addition to the direction, we also provide lectures on behalf of LSS strategy. Certifications are too awarded. Learn more about what more you can access.

Lean Six Sigma 5s

5S portrays Japanese phrases that interpret the steps of a workplace association strategy. English identical words are indicated in parenthesis:

  • (Sort)
  • (Straighten, Set)
  • (Shine, Sweep)
  • (Standardize)
  • (Sustain)

To be simplified, the 5S technique allows the removal of data or items that are no longer required that is (sorted). It let you organize the information in order to efficiency optimization and flow (straighten). It helps a workplace to clearly identify the faults (shine) and to be specific while color-coding and labels implementation in development for the long-lasting organized workplace (sustain).

Lean Six Sigma principles

The process stream known to produce the best result is as follows

  1. Focus on the customer

One of the most fruitful business advice that holds valid every time. Whatever business you are running or in, keep your customer the first priority. From the expectation to satisfaction, everything must swirl around the client.

Minor changes must oversee the quality factor a customer demands. A single but can bring your company closer to delivering maximum value. Always keep in mind an organization is nothing without your customer.

  1. Map out the value stream

The step before the improvement of the process or flow is to know steps. It must be learned how the efforts to be implied. Which phase is adding value, and the one isn’t should be removed instantly.

  1. Remove waste to create flow

Since you move for improving or flow creation, you should first visualize and eliminate waste. It might look simple, but let us do it with LSS, which takes out the hidden inefficiencies as well. Understand the process involved in variation reduction. Peel off the waste and add value.

  1. Communicate with your team

Sometimes changes are a must, but not everyone is familiar with it unless they are taught. Always clearly and effectively communicate new standards or principles to your employees. Make sure each of them receives training and feedback for the same. Let everyone adopt new processes and procedures with dignity.

  1. Create a culture of change and flexibility

It is very well known and can be learned from upper discussion that businesses do require a lot of modifications and variations. Welcome them and encourage your employees for the same. The base of cultural change should be data. Explain the benefits and let the staff how impactful work can be brought through data.

We & Lean 6 Sigma 

Six Sigma can bring in a highly demanding and scientific technique for examining, quantifying, and verifying data, which is basically the DMAIC process.

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