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Lean Six Sigma in Toledo, Ohio (OH)

Do you consider Lean Six Sigma a difficult methodology to implement? If you aren’t sure about what it is first then, let us explain it briefly before you answer this question. This method is all about improving your processes in order to obtain the final product the client requires without many failures. With failures, we are referring to all the results you obtain that don’t meet the client’s expectations or requirements. 

Some companies consider that failures are adventures and something to always learn from. Which might be true until you start noticing how much they are affecting your production cycle and the resources you have to invest. That being said, we are sure you will, at least, consider the idea of start implementing from now on. Which takes us to the first question even when you are not too familiar with it and only know what we have told you so far. 

If your answer is yes due to your assumptions about achieving those goals, you’re half right and half wrong; the same happens with “no”. At Maximum Potential, we provide Lead Six Sigma Consulting services for companies and people like you who need some help to understand and of course, implement it. Therefore, if you just got interested in it, just keep reading.

Who is involved in the implementation?

The method is quite simple when you think about the stages or phases you have to go through to achieve the main goals. But simple isn’t the same as easy. It will take time, effort but fortunately, not as many resources as other methodologies. 

When implementing it, you will only need the statistics and information about your processes and clients. But more importantly, the right experts that conform an entire team of people who fulfill every role in Lean Six Sigma. The roles of each person are classified or identified with the same method used for the levels of experts according to their knowledge and training. They’re the same as karate: 

  • White belts. 
  • Yellow belts. 
  • Green belts. 
  • Black belts. 
  • Master black belts. 

This is organized from beginners to real experts since white belts are conformed for people who know the basics about the method but fulfill the function of reporting issues. And it goes all the way to master black belts who will handle the whole project and lead the rest of the team. The structure is quite simple, but you might need some minutes and a more extensive explanation to understand it fully. 

Our company has several teams of consultants and experts that are conformed for all the required roles, so don’t hesitate to access our Lean Six Sigma Consulting services if you’re looking for the right ones. 

How can you become one of the team?

If you are looking forward to not only implementing it but also learning how to do it and how it works deeply, make sure to let us know. At Maximum Potential, we offer Lean Six Sigma Training for anyone interested in learning and being part of the project one day. 

We can train you to be a yellow or green belt, or even someone even superior depending on the training you decide to access. 

For more information, feel free to contact us and ask all your questions. 

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Ohio. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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