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Lean Six Sigma in Columbus, Ohio (OH)

What do you need to know to improve your processes and operations from now on? Educating and training yourself in Lean Six Sigma could be a good way to start and keep going from there. If you are not familiar with it, allow us to explain to you a bit.

First, you must know that the word “Lean” is a term that is quite used in the business world. It refers to provide the customer or client a better service or something of greater value but, at the same time, use fewer resources in the processes. The Six Sigma and the whole concept of the methodology that joins Lean are based on the Kaizen methodology that is, in simpler words, the continuous improvement of things, in this case, your processes.

Following all the principles, you are able to obtain amazing results by using only the information, data, and statistics of your company. Which is going to save you a lot of money if we talk about how much you could spend using other methods in order to improve your production. Do you want to start using it or, at least, learn a bit more about it? At Maximum Potential, we can help you with this and more.

What we offer

Our company provides Lean Six Sigma Consulting for companies and entrepreneurs that are trying to improve their processes. Even if they have other goals—main ones—such as satisfying their clients or reducing the waste and aspects interfering with the processes, all this can be achieved with this methodology.

This is why we decided to focus our Consulting services on this one since we find it cost-effective for any company. After all, you only need to rely on information and analysis to determine the problems and get results from thereon. That being said, it still takes time.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that you can obtain results and reduce the failures of your production in a couple of days. You need to work in the identification of the problems and waste to deal with them and finally be able to obtain the improvements you’re looking for. Our experts that have experience in their roles according to their levels in the Lean Six Sigma pyramid, will help you to implement it correctly.

You can always be part of the change

Besides Consulting, we find it relevant and crucial that companies, their owners, or people in charge of the area of improvement, should know about the methodology itself. Which means they should take the time to learn and train themselves in order to know at least the basics or even enough to start taking part in the project.

If you’re interested in this idea or this is what you were looking for since the beginning, you can count on us. We provide Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training as well as Certification for anyone interested. You can come to our company and request full training at these levels or even a complete one.

And if you’re worried about the distance or due to the current pandemic, you can access the service via Zoom. We will have several experts going through all the information and training with you using this channel. Want to hire us? Make sure to call or email us now!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Ohio. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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