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Lean Six Sigma in Shawnee, Kansas (KS)

The secret about business process improvement is not just about lessening your resources, shortening your processes, or removing or firing employees – sometimes, you’re not just paying attention to each and every phase of your business operations.

What you can do, as an essential and a relevant part of the company is to make sure that you understand the principles of all processes and procedures. Alternatively, you can take up a Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification program so that you get trained and that you embody the principles of the Lean Methodology as well as the Six Sigma Methodology. In the industry, our company – Maximum Potential, have been deemed and looked at by many companies and businesses as their go-to consultant for whenever they need help in integrating Lean Six Sigma methodologies and strategies in their business processes.

Across the city of Shawnee in the state of Kansas, we have been the most trusted and the most sought – and it’s all in the quality of the services we provide.

Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification

Through the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training that we offer our clients, they are able to receive the best and the highest quality of training from the most trusted and the most sought instructors, coaches, and teachers in the field.

What they’ll learn when they finish our Yellow Belt Certification would be the basics of Lean Six Sigma such as the principles, the initial application, as well as the identification of problems. Here are some key takeaways that they can benefit from:

  • Business Process Mapping
  • Waste Identification
  • Waste Reduction Methods
  • Basic Graphical and Statistical Analysis

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification

After being Yellow Belt-certified, our students have the choice to opt for the Green Belt – and in this program, they’ll stray from the basics and will go straight to the application of Lean Six Sigma. While training, they’ll get the chance to hear outputs and insights about how Black Belts handle team-based projects.

Succeeding the course, all certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belts would be expected to have knowledge about advanced graphical and statistical analysis, as well as lean integration and process control plans. Some of the key outputs they can learn include: –

  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Project Planning and Deliverable
  • Hypotheses Testing
  • And Many More!

We at Maximum Potential would not be deemed and considered as the best and the most effective Lean Six Sigma Consulting company in the city if it weren’t for the quality of our services as well as the follow-ups that we do for our clients to test and see if they really got a hold of the lessons and the training they’ve gotten.

Our intensive and thorough Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification is perfect for all types and kinds of business process improvement, in whatever business industry you might be. Should you be in a position where you need professional help – we’re just a call or an email away!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Kansas. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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