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Lean Six Sigma in San Antonio, Texas (TX)

Why so many companies—and people, in general—are starting to come to our company and request our services? Well, there are many reasons:

  • We can help them to solve their problems.
  • Improvement and engagement are guaranteed. 
  • Learning and training are part of our services. 
  • What we implement is affordable and effective. 

Now, what can we do for your company? At Maximum Potential, we use two methods that provide companies with the best results when it comes to improving and growing: Lean Six Sigma and Systematic Innovation. The first one is more focused on eliminating waste and solving problems in the processes of a production cycle. 

In this way, the company is able to reduce the failures and obtain the final product for the client while using fewer resources. At the same time, the client’s requirements and needs are prioritized. As for the second one, it is basically the same, but more focused on any company and not only in those with products involved—and their fabrication. By the end of the day, you will have a very specific result with our assistance: the most effective way to obtain products and bring more clients to your company. 

Are we available 24/7? 

If you’re trying to ask when you can contact us and access our support and guidance, you’re always welcome. Now, when it comes to when you can use these methods and more specifically, Lean Six Sigma which is the most popular one in our company, there’s no limit of time. 

The best part about it is that it’s always welcome in case you want to improve your processes, and to be honest, a company should always aim for this goal. 

How does Lean Six Sigma work? 

This methodology, unlike what most people think, doesn’t require many instruments and tools but rather only a few: information, data, and statistics. As mentioned before, it is focused on solving problems and eliminating waste, and the information to identify the problems is more than enough to carry out the project. 

However, you do need several people to implement it. This is why you will notice once learning more about it that in Lean Six Sigma, there’s a total of 5 different roles and levels, which are classified by using the same method as in karate: 

  • White belt. 
  • Yellow belt. 
  • Green belt. 
  • Black belt. 
  • Master black belt. 

According to the training and level of expertise, and experience of the person, it qualifies as one of those, being a Master black belt the highest one and mostly, the leader of the entire project. Each role has a crucial function, and our team has all of them included and involved in the implementation. 

Learn to do it yourself 

Despite needing a team to implement it or make it work, you can always take part in the project by learning and training with us. 

Besides Lean Six Sigma Consulting and other services similar to this, we also have Lean Six Six Yellow and Green Belt Training and Certification

You can take this or any other option that aims to train you as one of the new generations of problem-solvers. Just make sure to contact us and let our personnel know what you need, assistance, training, or maybe both. 

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Texas. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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