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Lean Six Sigma in Cary, North Carolina (NC)

If you want to understand how so many people are starting to improve their processes in their companies, you need to take the time to read and learn. But to give you a point where you can start, you might want to search for Lean Six Sigma. To be honest, we are almost sure you are familiar with this methodology, at least, by name, and that makes things a bit easier. 

This method consists of improving processes all the time. Not only once or twice, or whenever your company needs it. The improvements happen continuously in order to guarantee the best performance and production in the company. Now, the principles behind it is a long topic and discussion you need to know before starting to implement it. However, it is also crucial to know that, if you want to use it for your company, you will need an entire team of experts and professionals. 

In our company, Maximum Potential, we can help you to implement it but also, train and teach you about the methodology. All you need to do to start is call or email us.

Why is it “complicated” to understand and use it? 

Before going deep into the Lean Six Sigma, you first need to understand what is “Lean” alone. To make it simple, lean refers to creating something much more valuable for the client or customer while also being able to use fewer resources in the processes of your company. All this is possible by eliminating waste in each operation and process of the production cycle but for this, you need to know and identify the problems and aspects affecting them in the first place. 

Knowing this tells you a lot about the methodology itself since it is focused on reducing failures—results you get that don’t meet the client’s requirements—and the resources used. You will notice that all about Six Sigma is linked to several principles, terms, and methods, and this is what makes it complicated but only at the beginning. Now, how does it take place? 

It has 5 phases that consist in determine, measure, analyze, improve, and control. When it comes to what you’re doing in each one of them in a more specific way—by order—: 

  • Identify the problems and aspects affecting the product you fabricate doesn’t fit the client’s requirements. 
  • Measure the current performance of your company in its processes and determine how they can improve, what is necessary to achieve this. 
  • Study all the variations or variability in the processes and identify why they take place and how they can be reduced. 
  • Start implementing the solutions to the problems and methods to remove the waste.
  • Finally, use a new method or system that guarantees the continuous improvement of the production and guarantees good results. 

Do you need help to understand and implement it? 

If you’re having a hard time with this methodology, either because you just started to research about it or it’s quite complicated for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Overall, you need a team of experts to implement it since the implementation involves many people fulfilling several roles according to their preparation and training. To guarantee you obtain the desired results with it and won’t have problems with the improvement of your processes, make sure to contact us at Maximum Potential. 

We will provide all the support, assistance, and guidance you and your company need. 

We service multiple cities throughout the state of North Carolina. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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