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Lean Six Sigma in Woonsocket, Rhode Island (RI)

What is Lean Six Sigma? This is the question we always get every time a new client or company comes to our offices looking for our assistance and help. If you are not familiar with it either, allow us to make it simple and show you why you should definitely know about this methodology.

Lean Six Sigma is a method that is directed to improving processes where human resources—or your employees in a company—are in charge of. And it does this by removing or eliminating all the waste in those processes. But what is all the “waste”? Defects, overproduction, unused talent, and other elements or aspects that interfere or make the process more difficult, is considered to be part of things that need to be eliminated.

This ends up being much more suitable and effective than continue adding more elements that only solve or improve the process for a few days or weeks, but in general, they aren’t doing much. Now, the reason why we get so many questions about it is that we’re dedicated to helping companies to implement it. At Maximum Potential, we offer Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services for anyone interested in using the method to boost the company’s performance and production.

What benefits will you obtain from implementing it?

Improving is already a benefit, but if you need a more specific explanation to make sure that you’re choosing the right method, everything falls in reducing the time and resources you use to produce the final product. When you are trying to obtain the final product your client needs, you usually obtain different results that don’t satisfy or meet all the requirements of the client. Therefore, those are failures since you can’t deliver the product you obtained.

With Lean Six Sigma, you will prioritize the client’s requirements and make sure that your company is aiming in the right direction with each process. And by doing this, you will have to use fewer resources and the quality of your products will improve along with your profit. How are we going to help you with this?

The methodology—just like any other—requires a team of experts in the area. Besides, several people need to fulfill—each one—a role that will determine the correct implementation of the method. In this case, 5 different roles also identify the levels of expertise and knowledge of the people involved in implementing it.

Can we satisfy you with our services?

We promise you that if you’re looking for professionals who can help you with the implementation, you won’t be disappointed with us.

Our company has the best Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services thanks to all the experts who are well-trained and experienced, working under our wings.

If you are interested, all it takes is a call or an email and we will make sure to start the project to improve your processes, and finally, your company will be able to reduce failures and see improvement in many aspects.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Rhode Island. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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