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Lean Six Sigma in Wahpeton, North Dakota (ND)

Why is it so difficult to improve your company’s performance? Well, it certainly isn’t an easy job, but there’s a high chance that you aren’t using the right methods nor focusing on what you should. Many companies believe that the only way to improve their performances and therefore, processes, is to include new elements or change several ones. However, what if we tell you that removing or eliminating sounds more like a good plan? 

When you focus on eliminating the aspects that are affecting or interfering in your production cycle and processes in general, you will notice a huge improvement. All this without having to add and keep adding new things. Also, prioritizing your clients’ needs and requirements is always a good way to make sure that your processes are aiming in the right direction. 

In this way, you should be able to reduce the resources and time you spend on obtaining the final result, which is going to make your clients happier and satisfied as well. You can do this by implementing the Lean Six Sigma methodology, which is aiming at everything we just mentioned. To use it, just make sure to contact well-trained and experienced experts in the area that have an entire team with people fulfilling each role. At Maximum Potential, we have the Lean Six Sigma Consulting services you need, and here’s why you should choose us. 

We think about you and nothing else 

Implementing a new method is never easy, which is why we want to support and assist as much as we can our clients and companies that want to start using this one. Now, before you ask, to use Six Sigma you need people that take care of all the steps and processes during the implementation. 

Which is why you will get to know—starting now—that the methodology has a pyramid of levels and roles for each person involved. It starts with White Belts and goes all the way to Master Black Belts—very similar to karate and its classification. 

  • White Belts: they only know the basics about the methodology but are able to help leaders and other people in the project to know about the issues in the processes of your company. 
  • Yellow Belts: they start taking part in specific activities and tasks that involve reports and analysis. 
  • Green Belts: can handle the previous tasks as well—yellow belt—but can also train people who want to start in this world. 
  • Black Belts: most of them coach and lead most of the parts of the implementation or project. 
  • Master Black Belts: the previous belts report to this since he or she is the leader of the entire Lean Six Sigma implementation and make sure to deal with culture change and other functions. 

Our team at Maximum Potential is full of all these roles and ready to start helping you with this methodology. 

You can become one of the team

If you’re interested in learning about Six Sigma, it isn’t hard to access the training. Our company also provides Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training and Certification to anyone interested. 

You can contact us and we will make sure that you acquire all the knowledge and skills to start taking part in this world. For this, don’t hesitate to request it even if you are far from our offices. 

We provide Training via Zoom as well and for anyone in North Dakota face-to-face. 

We service multiple cities throughout the state of North Dakota. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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