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Lean Six Sigma in Somerton, Pennsylvania (PA)

What does it take to have a productive and efficient company that will always obtain the final products for the clients? A lot of work and the right methods that can guarantee the desired results. In our company, Maximum Potential, we have been helping businesses and particulars to improve their processes and performances to ensure they are moving forward. Now, how do we do it?

There are many options, methods, and ways to obtain certain results and improve the processes of a company. However, we prefer to use Team-Base Problem Solving, Individual Lean Six Sigma, and Systematic Innovation. All these methods and options come from one methodology: Lean Six Sigma; as mentioned in one of them.

This one aims for the improvement of processes by working in the ones that are carried out by human resources—employees and more—. To be more specific, it removes all the aspects and waste that are affecting the processes and making the company have more failures and spend more resources in obtaining the product for the client. There’s a lot more to it and we would love to help you discover everything you can achieve with this method.

Will you require a plan to implement it?

For sure. And a team of experts is going to be required as well. You see, the implementation isn’t too difficult if you look at it with an instrument we love to use and helps companies to have a better picture of the goal of this method. It is called Lean Value Stream Mapping, and before continuing, we want you to take the time to try and draw one.

You will draw the entire production cycle of your company and identify or point every process that is involved in obtaining the final product for your client. Starting with the very first interaction and going all the way until you deliver the product. Once this is done, specify in each process the aspect that interferes with it or the problems you think, believe, or are sure they are present in the processes.

Now, try to make the map as specific as possible so you can have something similar to a picture of the entire production and see all the waste. Then, draw another map with the same specifications but in this case, don’t include the waste and problems, remove them. The map you have without the problems, that’s your goal with this methodology.

And to make this happen, it takes a lot of work and a good plan to ensure the company is going in the right direction with it.

In what will we help you?

We are going to help you with every phase and step to take in its implementation. You will be able to reduce the failures in obtaining the client’s product, reduce the resources you have to use or invest, and have a control in the processes from now on to improve them all the time.

These are only part of some benefits you will obtain or see when you implement the method correctly and continue doing it. We will assist and support you through our Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services, and rest assured that you won’t have to struggle with your processes any longer.

Productiveness and effectiveness will knock your door to stay.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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