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Lean Six Sigma in Sitka, Alaska (AK)

Lean Six Sigma is one of the few but effective methodologies that businesses and organizations use in order for them to get what they want fast, efficiently, and in the lowest and the most sensible rates possible.

History of Lean Six Sigma

To understand this better, we have to define both Lean and Six Sigma separately. Six Sigma is a business model that has been developed by Bill Smith, an Engineer working for Motorola in the year 1986. This was the business methodology that was used in order to make sure that 99.9996% of all the products or opportunities were free of defects.

The history of lean, on the other hand, was developed by Taiichi Ono, an Industrial Engineer working for Toyota. If Six Sigma was used to clear out products of defects and minimizing them, lean manufacturing’s goal is to make sure that no waste is involved in the process. Together, Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that is a combination of two of the most important, the most useful, and the most effective business principles that ever touched the business industry.

Now, companies from all over the world have adapted to learn and to inculcate Lean Six Sigma in their businesses – and if ever you’re wondering who can help you with it, you can be confident of working with us here at Maximum Potential.

Who We Are

Our company has been named as the most successful and the most influential Lean Six Sigma Consulting company in the city of Sitka, AK. Our consulting processes and strategies have driven companies’ and organizations’ goals to the basket and they never looked back.

In short, Maximum Potential is the company that businesses used in order for them to achieve the business goals that they have set in a fast, easy, and a reliable manner.

Lean Six Sigma Benefits the Business and Customers

If you think that Lean Six Sigma is one-sided, think again. Here with us at Maximum Potential, we always like to point out that the improvement in our processes don’t just improve and benefit the company – it helps clients out too. The Lean Six Sigma method that we use serves as the road map to success of our business – meeting company goals and ultimately, meeting the demands of our clients and our customers.

In addition to that, Lean Six Sigma also places the benefit to the employees and the staff of the business or the organization too because they allow employees to be more engaged in the different processes and procedures of the business, making them more knowledgeable, capable, and skillful in it.

Learn From Us

Do you need help in integrating Lean Six Sigma in your company? Are you looking for a Lean Six Sigma Consulting company to improve your business performance overall? If so, then look no place else – Maximum Potential is always ready and prepared to help you.

Improve your business processes, maximize your resources, and ultimately – increase the profitability of your company through the seamless and the flawless Lean Six Sigma Consulting services we offer!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Alaska. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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