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Lean Six Sigma in Ponce, Puerto Rico (PR)


Get into the statistical analysis rather than being stuck within guesswork. Identify unknown problems and improve the processes. Maximum Potential is on its way to boost your production. Satisfy your customers with high performance. Clients are taking advantage of our services all over in Ponce. Contact us today for exciting deals. Lean Six Sigma is an effective way to gear that enhances your working strategy. DMAIC is the framework that is followed in LSS. What it is meant for is here:

  • Define: The focus is on project objectives. A ‘project charter’ is outlined for a clear vision. Business case, timelines, goal statement, problem statement, scope, resources, and much more are included.
  • Measure: The process variables are gauged. Simply process data is obtained. The baseline and final metrics are compared to get the capability.
  • Analyze: Roots are the bottom line of the project, and its analysis is done at this stage. The root cause of any defect is identified for permanent removal. Histograms, fishbone, Pareto charts are implemented.
  • Improve: The remaining job is to improve the observed mistakes. Various tests and implementations are screwed. Simulation studies, Design of experiments, Prototyping are some of the strategies.
  • Control: A system is managed until or unless it is under control. Continuous monitoring is done to obtain responses to handle the failures. Processes are standardized to meet the expectations.

Mapping the value stream

Mapping allows the statement of the workflow. It helps to recognize and terminate NVA activities. It not only reduces the delays in processing but improves the quality of service as well.  

Wastes can be used as a device to achieve the goals. As far as map and data let us know the causes of failures, it becomes a plus point to reduce the cycle time.

Invest where you can grow fast. Value the talent and know your Potential. Focus on the approach that leads your project to direct victory. Combine the strategies of both Lean and Six Sigma to fulfill the objectives. Maximum Potential is certified and trustworthy.

Our Services Your benefits 

The competition is dynamic, and the static Lean Six Sigma can tackle that well. We focus on your profits. Let the fact-based strategy to work for you.

Transform the customers’ expectations into satisfaction. Promote your work to standardize the quality. Contact us for an interactive session. Schedule your training time. We also provide yellow and green certifications in support of training. Let the journey begin. Reduce stress and variations, simply implying LSS techniques. We work for any of the environment to eliminate waste.

DOWNTIME is an acronym used for types of wastes a project can carry. Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-utilized talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, and Extra Processing. The services we deliver for you:

The services mentioned above are delivered to you by our instructors. And, our instructors are professionally trained and certified experts. So, you can rely on us and our services. If you’re in Ponce book the services right now!!   

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Puerto Rico. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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