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If you are tired of the repetition of the mistakes/defects at the workplace and cannot find a way out and despite having good market demand for the product, you cannot fulfill it, you are in dire need of Lean Six Sigma program. We at ‘Maximum Potential’ at Parkersburg, West Virginia, are providing a certified Lean Six Sigma program that will help accelerate your business in every possible way along with the unused repetition of faults and tasks. Where it adds a credential to a resume, it serves as a guarantee of success in business in the case of managers. 

Lean Six Sigma’s methodology uses a team works, i.e., the effort of every individual at all levels of hierarchy in any business or service provider. Hard work at any level never goes unnoticed, the full worth of hard work is always ensured for the workers, and maximum benefits are reaped out in the form of increased cash flow and increased productivity. This program has made worldwide fame, and its origin dates back to three decades back, and success was documented at every setup where ever it was applied.

Diversity of this program

Lean Six Sigma program can be applied to any industry type, business setup, and service provider. It is a set of tools and methodologies that ensure its application at any level of business, ranging from small to heavy industry types and to any service provider leading to success, satisfactory defect detection, and defect deletion.

Lean Six Sigma and Healthcare and how it helps? 

This program helps at various healthcare levels, right from identifying the patient to the patient’s level of discharge. Few benefits are mentioned below:

Few benefits on the level of healthcare provider

Identifying the patient, their demands, what is their objective of the visit? The performance of the organization is based on metrics calculated from the levels of patient satisfaction often measured from service cost, patient satisfaction, clinical brilliance, and doctor excellence.

  • Implementation of modifications to modernize and improvement of the processes
  • Surveillance of performance to maintain improvements
  • Patient cure rate maintenance
  • The subsequent reduction in waiting time in the queue and waiting room
  • The consequent reduction of errors made by physicians, nurses, and technicians

Few benefits on the level of patients

Patients now have maximum access to the information about healthcare providers that they never had before, and the quality of service they present is always at the view of the patients. Moreover, this information is the basis at which they choose the healthcare provider.

Clinics and healthcare are considering patient’s reviews more, which helps in choosing a physician for others and helps the organization’s growth positively.  All this has now become possible due to the application of this program in many healthcare organizations in recent times

In earlier times, all these operations remained ill-managed or were simply left unmanaged. But now owing to Lean Six Sigma, these mechanisms have become systematic and have led to a manifold rise in profits of organizations and subsequent patient satisfaction.

About levels of Lean Six Sigma

There are six Sigma Belt ranking levels. These are a white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt, master black belt, and champion level. Here white belt is those professionals who have not undergone any formal certification training under this program. 

Subsequent levels leverage levels of training in a hierarchical order for individuals at different levels of ranking. Professionals tend to improve the quality of operations at every level. 

Join us, and we are ready to help you at every level.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of West Virginia. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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