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Lean Six Sigma in Kenner, Louisiana (LA)

Two of the most important and the most used methodologies of Lean Six Sigma is the DMAIC and the DMADV – both of which point toward business process improvement. These are the main reasons why a lot of professionals and executives want to get it. These processes might sound and seem basic and simple to the eyes and the ears of many, but in reality, it’s something that most people want because it can allow them to have a better position or post in the company, as well as a higher and a more competitive salary.

Through these methodologies, they can ask their companies to grant them a higher and a better salary because they’ll be able to help the company in improving business processes through a series of procedures. Should you be on the prowl for the best and the most trusted Lean Six Sigma Consulting company in the industry, it’s no question that you need to work with us here at Maximum Potential. We are the company that has been tagged and labeled as the best, and a lot of people are able to back that up.

DMAIC and DMADV Techniques

The DMAIC and the DMADV techniques are the main things that the Lean Six Sigma methodology entails. DMAIC or the (D) Define – (M) Measure – (A) Analyze – (I) Improve – and (C) Control is responsible for the development and the improvement of an existing business process.

DMADV, on the other hand, is the procedure which handles and assesses newly-added processes, products, and services that a company or a business produced. It is short for (D) Define – (M) Measure – (A) Analyze – (D) Design – and (V) Verify; in which the verification is where it’s all going to be assessed.

But how advantageous and beneficial could learning these skills be? What contributions can you make for your company when you have all of these in check?

Benefits of Being Lean Six Sigma Certified

Through intensive and strenuous Lean Six Sigma Training, you’ll be certified, and along with that certification would be the process of how you’ll be able to apply it. The benefits of being Lean Six Sigma certified are as follows:

  • A better take on problems and company challenges
  • You’ll have a better chance and strategy in employee engagement
  • Problem-solving approach using data-driven analysis as well as statistical history
  • Smarter and better decision-making
  • Better collaborative attitude
  • You’ll have the vision of valuing and prioritizing clients and customers
  • And many more

Should you find yourself in the middle of where you can get Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification and how you can get alternative learning for it – the best bet is for you to lean and bank on us here at Maximum Potential.

From our Green Belts, up to our Master Black Belt and our coaches and instructors, you’ll never have a hard and a difficult time. Call us here at Maximum Potential and experience robust-quality and smoothened services without spending tens of thousands of dollars for it.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Louisiana. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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