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Lean Six Sigma in Chicago, Illinois (IL)

The vast and the wide city of Chicago Illinois is home to the most diverse and the most useful of businesses. Most of which are starting and are targeting exponential growth within the next decade – and we here at Maximum Potential are ready to help them with it. Maximum Potential is a Lean Six Sigma Consulting firm that is skilled in providing Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification to professionals and companies that need it. With a goal to make all companies aware of the principles and the important factors of Lean Six Sigma, it is in our deepest pleasure to help companies out by making sure that they’re performing the Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

The Lean Principle

Lean is a business methodology more commonly used in the fabrication or the manufacturing industry. The idea of Lean is to make sure that the processes have fewer to less waste than what it had before. Some of the points that the Lean principle have include:

  • Easier and faster production and operation time
  • Fewer wastes
  • Reduction of costs and expenses
  • Faster time to market

The Six Sigma Principle

Six Sigma is a different methodology and thus, it has a different goal. With Six Sigma, the goal is to make sure that the processes in a business are all simplified and made easier, better, and more efficiently. The points that Six Sigma focuses on are:

  • Customer experience and customer satisfaction
  • Better and faster production time
  • More efficient processes and procedures
  • And many more

Put both of these guys together and you get Lean Six Sigma – the methodology that focuses on clearing defects to just 3.4 per million or lower, while ensuring that the wastes and all unneeded and unwanted parts of the process are removed and eliminated.

Our Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services

Through the Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services that we offer here at Maximum Potential, you would clearly be able to learn and figure out how Lean Six Sigma can help you, your people, your company, even your clients and your customers.

From all across the entire city of Chicago, you would never find another Lean Six Sigma Consulting company that you can trust and bank on with the future of your company.

Whether you need us to help you via our Lean Six Sigma Online Consulting Services, or our Complete Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training and Certification via Zoom, you’ll never feel the need to look for another company ever again.

Dial us here at Maximum Potential and do more than what you already can! There’s no company that can match the same level and quality of services we do!

All our experts, our coaches, our instructors, and our Black Belts have been exposed and indulged in the industry for decades. There’s no question about Lean Six Sigma they cannot answer and you can expect to receive and learn everything you want and need to learn from them effortlessly!

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Illinois. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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