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Lean Six Sigma in Brattleboro, Vermont (VT)

What can you do to guarantee the improvement of your productivity and profitability? The list of options is longer than you think, but if there’s something we have to agree with you—if you think the same—is that the longer it is, the more options you have to discard. We hate to admit it, but most of the methods you will find online or even receive from a professional as a recommendation aren’t good or viable for any company. Which is why you should take your time to determine what you need and want to do, and how you are going to do it.

In our company, Maximum Potential, we have a recommendation to give you: have you considered the use of Lean Six Sigma? To begin with, we aren’t sure if you have thought about improving your processes involved in the production cycle, but if you have, you will thank us later for this recommendation.

This methodology is focused on improving them and ensuring that your company sees or obtains better results when it comes to productivity and profitability. And to guarantee that there’s no failure, we will help you to implement it since the very beginning. However, you might have questions, like what it is about or how does it work, and we will answer most of them below.

Why use it instead of another method

Because it is affordable and effective. All in one, and we are sure you appreciate this. After all, most methodologies involve a lot of investment or even waste at the end of the day, due to the need of buying instruments or acquiring them to just implement them. And this doesn’t guarantee they will work properly or give you the results you expect.

In the case of Lean Six Sigma, it only uses statistical instruments, which means that the information, data, and statistics of your company will be enough. And if there’s a need for extra instruments, we will provide you with them when assisting you or the investment from you will be quite minimal.

Now, besides its costs and effectiveness, the truth is that it is quite different and for this, it gets several points extra. Instead of adding elements or more things to your processes, you will be eliminating everything that is useless or is affecting your processes by producing more failures and making you spend more resources.

In simpler words: you will solve the problems affecting your processes and eliminate all waste, like defects, overproduction, and more. This will guarantee your company the improvement in the quality of the products, its profit, and the reduction of the resources used. Putting all this together only leads to a possible outcome or result: the improvement of your entire performance and company.

Why us?

Because we have experience and all the experts you need to make this a successful implementation and process.

Just ask or request our Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services and we will there in no time to assist you in everything you need.

There’s nothing we can’t do in this matter, and many others that you will be surprised we know about.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Vermont. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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