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Lean Six Sigma High Schools

Lean Six Sigma Certifications for High School Students

Because of its importance, Lean Six Sigma has been positively adopted by many different schools and learning institutions to the point that it’s included in their Curriculums; and we here at Maximum Potential are the company that innovated Lean Six Sigma in Education.

Our journey in the education realm began with Graham High School where we received considerable positive feedback about the Lean Six Sigma Program we pitched to them. As time went on, many more schools in various states – even countries wanted a piece of our pie.  Now, many Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification companies followed and we can’t be prouder than that.

Can High School Students Use Lean Six Sigma?

So what types of lessons do we teach high school students? Are they even capable of understanding and implementing Lean Six Sigma in their lives?

One of the many best reasons why Lean Six Sigma is so effective is because of the fact that it’s a discipline and a methodology that’s not just focused primarily on the professional lives of people – it can be used to improve and develop personal lives too. Here at Maximum Potential, we promote the use of Lean Six Sigma in coming up with better decisions, being confident in working and in collaborating with people within a given team or group, and the like.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

So what can high school students learn from the exemplary-quality curriculum that we offer here at Maximum Potential? Since we offer Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training and Certification, high school students would be able to learn a heap of Lean Six Sigma techniques and strategies. For the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification that we offer, students and learners will be able to learn:

  • Team Member Problem Solving
  • Team Dynamics
  • Flow Charts
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Metrics
  • Goal Setting
  • SIPOC Diagram
  • Prioritization Matrix
  • The DMAIC methodology
  • And Many More!

Generally speaking, the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification that we offer our clients is for the overall improvement of their individual or their singular skills when it comes to solving problems. For the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification that we offer High School Students, however, learners and students have the chance to learn:

  • Team Leader skills
  • Running meetings
  • Value Stream Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Voice of Customer
  • Affinity Diagram
  • Deeper Pareto Analysis
  • Deeper Root Cause Analysis
  • Quick Changeover
  • Standard Work
  • Five S
  • Checking Results
  • The DMAIC Methodology
  • A completed Green Belt Project
  • And many more!

Maximum Potential is A Reliable Training Provider

At least it came from our clients – many of the people, especially the high schools that trusted us branded and deemed us as the best and the most reliable Lean Six Sigma Training Provider in the industry.

We never went dummied it down for high school students, in fact, what we teach them; what’s in the program is the same material and the same things we teach working professionals. We were able to create and engineer it in the best and the easiest way we can to the point that high school students are able to understand them clearly.

Benefits of Working with MaxPT

Aside from the exceptional Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification for High School Students that we offer, what other features or benefits can you get from working with us? Well, we would never be deemed and considered as the best if we offered nothing, right?

In fact, here are some of the advantages and benefits of working with us:

What is the Cost of Lean Six Sigma Training?

The prices and rates that we ask our clients for are never too much. If you compare it with what other companies are offering, it might not be far but the VALUE and the MATERIAL that we give our students is something that would make you more than satisfied.

Train the Trainer

We help you become self sufficient by training your staff in Yellow and Green Belt. Which will prepare them to teach our Yellow and Green Belt Workshops.

Our Digital Community

Maximum Potential’s Digital Community is a forum, a place where people can get together, discuss, and share some experiences. It’s one of the best places you can be in, in the context of Lean Six Sigma. Going in there will be a trip to the carnival because the forum is shared and is frequented by the Green Belts, Black Belts, and even the coaches and instructors we have on our team.

What are you waiting for? Dial us here at Maximum Potential and experience world-class quality Lean Six Sigma Certifications for High School Students without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Contact us through email or through the phone – don’t worry we will answer!

Seth Hummel

When you first meet Seth, you quickly realize that his ultimate goal is a meaningful dialogue about you and your business problems. Seth wants to know what he can do to help you and your company reach your full potential. He left his teaching and coaching career to start a consulting company in 1997. He has an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and post graduate studies at MIT in Business Process Design, Strategic Management, and Problem Solving.

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