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Lean Six Sigma Training & Consulting in Wisconsin (WI)

Small, medium-sized, or start-up businesses need to constantly grow or die. Therefore, embracing quality programs in this sector is ideal to ensure sustainability over time. However, not all entrepreneurs are aware of how to apply quality management techniques to small businesses, as they think the methods are suitable for large companies. That is why Maximum Potential offers Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Certification for High School Students to enable small businesses to beware of the latest techniques in businesses and the ideas that could keep them ahead of competitors in the field. 

The fact is that smaller companies could not realize significant returns like more substantial companies. However, this does not reduce the impact of quality programs’ investment returns. The main problem with the day to day operations is they tend to divert all the attention to what is suitable for the company in the present rather than in the long-term leading to a small bucket of time and failure to plan and prevent issues. Every company needs to satisfy the employees, stakeholders, and customers for it to survive. Though the small businesses tend to narrow buffers to shelter customers from waste and error. Implementing quality programs that could help prevent this from happening is the right decision for small business owners.  Maximum Potential offers Lean Six Sigma Training that will help individuals develop new projects and ideas that could bring innovations, improving production that will enhance capabilities in all sectors. 

The best time to initiate the Lean Six Sigma Training is during the start-ups planning stages. Through Digital Marketing Training and Lead Generation Training, individuals could be conversant about how to incorporate quality into services and products. This training can also be implemented at any time, so long as the management is on board. By applying our Six Sigma methodologies, this could result in high savings, increased production, and revenues, especially in businesses that produce a high volume of standard services and products. How then can companies implement the Lean Six Sigma Training?

  • Create a Burning Platform

 Before implementing Lean Six Sigma, organizations need to have compelling reasons. It might be ‘the competitors are gaining our market’ or ‘we are suffering huge quality losses.’ Without these burning platforms, there will be no motivation to implement these continuous improvement initiatives. 

The company leadership needs to familiarize itself with this platform, understanding how Lean Six Sigma Training could have the problems in the platform addressed. That is why we offer Leadership Excellence Certification for High School Students to equip individuals with all that is needed to bear results in all the platforms that the company incorporates. 

  • Put Resources in Place

 Hiring the right resources at the right price is ideal, be it the technology, material, or employees. Though not only resources will ensure the success of the organization. There is a need to work together with a team that is empowered to carry out initiatives.

You must know what to look for in potential resources. That is why Maximum Potential offers Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification for High School Students to enable employers to recognize the right resources and personnel that can commit to implementing the shared vision and the running of the company’s limited projects. 

  • Teach the Methodology

 The adage says, ‘if I give a man a fish, then he will only survive a day. But if I teach them how to catch the fish, then he lives a lifetime’. Therefore, for Lean Six Sigma to survive a lifetime, organizations need training their team members on powerful change agents.

At Maximum Potential, we have simplified the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification for High School Students and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification for High School Students, which has helped in the increase of organizational awareness. All that is needed is the employees that you identify to attend the training needed to share the vision of the organization.

  • Prioritize Activities

 When you have the right training and the right resources, several opportunities could follow. The organization needs to identify the critical-to-quality criteria, listen to the customer, and ensure the Lean Six Sigma efforts are linked to the business goals. Therefore, it is crucial to acquaint yourself with what is needed to be overlooked and where to take risks. The activities you undertake must be assessed to make sure they meet the expectations of the organization’s goals. 

  • Establish Ownership

 It must be clear who owns the Lean Six Sigma Training initiatives. You may need to appoint a committee to find out who could be responsible for the entire team.  With the right skills from our Leadership Excellence Certification for High School Students training, you could find the proper ownership that could come with some empowerment. This could also come with empowerment and team members that are engaged, accountable, and committed. 

  • Take the Right Measurements

  What can be improved can be measured. Therefore, you need to create a measurement system that can determine baseline performances and use the data in the analysis of variation and decision making. The small businesses need undergoing the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification for High School Students to familiarize themselves with the right way to measure performances while ensuring they receive data at a faster pace. They need to collect data and to measure the critical leasing indicators rather than the lagging indicators. 

  • Govern the program

 Having a proper governance structure could help in the sustenance of the program. For instance, establishing a perfect quality council could aid in the clearing of hurdles that could be slowing the projects, thus enhancing timeliness. Proper governance could also help the experts create best practice sharing forums that could help highlight common problems. 

  • Recognize Contributions

 Recognition and rewards do play a very vital role in making sure that the team members are satisfied in their roles. This helps in the creation of enthusiasm for the program from the grassroots levels. This also helps in driving innovations throughout the business.

We service multiple cities throughout the state of Wisconsin. We provide all the services listed below and more in every city.

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