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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Training for High School Students

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Certification Curriculum for High School Students/Secondary Education

Maximum Potential, Inc. was the first company in the United States to train and certify High School students in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt.

In 2017, fifteen Students from Graham High School earned Green Belts and produced real results with their innovative projects. This success was noted by the US Department of Education.

The Ohio Department of Education also noted this success by recognizing that this valuable industry credential could transform the lives of students around the state. The industry recognized credentials within career fields have Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (3 points) and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (6 points) in every career. 

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a formal, structured problem-solving method that relies heavily on a collaborative team to solve a problem and implement a lasting solution. It focuses on continuous improvement by reducing unnecessary costs, improving quality and it demands a relentless focus on the customer.

Yellow Belt (Team Member) and Green Belt (Team Leader) are certifications that are recognized world-wide by almost every industry you can imagine.

Organizations who have successfully applied this methodology are able to thrive in competitive environments, have higher employee engagement and lower turnover.

LSS follows a 5-step improvement cycle. Students select an improvement project and apply the skills learned in the training to the project over time. This results in improvements that are beneficial not only to the student, but to the school, school district and the community as well.

Yellow Belt Certification Outcomes: An individual improvement project which results in direct personal improvement for the student. 

Green Belt Certification Outcomes: A team based completed improvement project which results in improved quality or reduced cost. 

The Benefits: 

  • Students learn a problem solving methodology that can be applied both personally and professionally.
  • Students learn how various factors contribute to a problem and how to determine the most critical areas. 
  • Students learn to effective decision making based on an analysis of data.
  • Students learn the difference between value and non-value added activities.
  • Students gain confidence by being part of a team that is improving the lives of either internal or external customers.

LMS Integration: Even though this training is not typically designed as web-based training, we have developed and can integrate our curriculum, videos and lessons into any learning management system. Your LMS (or through the use of our LMS) plus using Zoom for lessons, activities, and facilitation, allows for an alternate delivery method for remote students  

The Ohio Department of Education moved in the direction of Industry Credentials and Work Readiness for a portion of High School Students in the state. One of the options for high school graduation is the industry credentialing and the ACT Work Keys option for graduation. This option includes passing the ACT Work Keys test and earning 12 points of skill based or mastery based industry specific credentials to graduate. 

Yellow Belt Certification is worth 3 points and Green Belt Certification is worth 6 points within every credentialing industry offered by the state as an option.

Together, they represent 75% of the required points.  

As Ohio experiences growing pains in workforce demands and job openings, we, as a state, are in a prime position to equip students with highly sought after skills that are utilized in virtually all industries – service, manufacturing and government.

Client sites: Graham Local Schools, Southwest Local Schools, Butler Tech, and many more coming soon.

Why our brand of Lean Six Sigma Certification is the right choice for High School Students in Ohio?

  • In 2017, Maximum Potential was the first company in the United States to train and certify High School Students in Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt. 15 Graham High School students received their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification after they completed projects using the DMAIC model for problem solving. 

  • Industry tested, High School approved! The Yellow Belt and Green Belt taught to students across Ohio starting in 2017 is the same training that Maximum Potential uses with clients like The World Bank, The US Air Force, LBrands, P&G, Anthem and many more. Please ask us for our detailed client list to see all of the businesses, organizations and schools we work with. 

  • Over 150 combined years of LEAN Six Sigma education experience across the entire MaxPT staff. 

What the others fail to do?

  • Competitors are just selling a course and an instructor or even worse, online training. This training must be applied for it to be effective.  Maximum Potential is selling a Curriculum System for Lean Six Sigma to the entire district. Application by the staff and teachers first is not only essential, but it is required. With over 100 (as of 1/1/2020) Ohio school district based teachers certified to train our Yellow Belt and Green Belt in their classrooms and over 1,000 high school students certified yellow and green belt, our system is battle tested.

  • Competitors don’t work within school budgets! Maximum Potential spreads out the fees across multiple fiscal years to make sure this system is financially attainable for every district in Ohio.

  • Competitors place Education Lean Six Sigma as their secondary focus. It is the primary focus for Maximum Potential and we believe this certification helps build a stronger workforce for tomorrow and further enables us to Create a Generation of Problem Solvers.

Lean Six Sigma Student

Frequently Asked Questions about Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt certification for High School students

You asked we answered. These are some of the most common questions we receive about training.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a team-based, problem-solving methodology used by millions of businesses and organizations worldwide. Lean Six Sigma follows a structured approach called DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) in a path toward solutions and gains, commonly in the form of reduced waste or improved quality.

Why should I care about Lean Six Sigma training and certification for High School students?

In Ohio, Yellow Belt Certification counts as 3 points and Green Belt Certification counts as 6 points of the 12 points needed for the industry credential pathway towards graduation. This program contains a total of 9 points out of the 12 needed for graduation. We can equip your district to offer a credential that is valid for all industry pathways. Also, our Yellow Belt and Green Belt certification is cross-referenced with the Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal and meets all of the requirements a student needs. Beyond student application, Lean Six Sigma can and has been used for improved quality and reduced waste in a school system as an organization.

Is Lean Six Sigma only useful in manufacturing industries?

LSS is widely embraced by both service and manufacturing industries. By equipping students with this skill, they have a distinct advantage in the workplace. Students learn a structured problem solving methodology that can be applied both personally and professionally. Additionally, students gain confidence by being part of a team that is improving the lives of either internal or external customers.

What will we learn during the Yellow Belt and Green Belt Sessions?

Yellow Belt: Yellow Belt or Problem Solving for Team Members. You will develop the skills necessary to be an effective team member when using the DMAIC methodology. You and your team will learn the following: Project Charter, SIPOC, Metrics, Run Charts, Goal Setting, Fishbone Diagrams, Flow Charts, Team Dynamics, Brainstorming, Prioritization Matrix, Checking Results, Lessons Learned, and Standardization.

Yellow Belt Certification is a required prerequisite for taking the Green Belt course and consists of 8 total in-class training hours, 10+ hours of coaching and an individual-based Lean Six Sigma project. It is worth 3 points towards an Industry Credential Graduation.

Green Belt: Green Belt or Problem Solving for Team Leaders. You will develop the skills necessary to be an effective team leader when using the DMAIC methodology. You and your team will learn the following: Voice of the Customer, Affinity Diagrams, Leading Meetings, Types of Data, Understanding Variation, Data Collection, Hierarchy of Needs, Team Norms, Value Stream Analysis, Scatter Plot Diagrams, Mistake Proofing, 5S, Management Presentations, Visual Controls, and Change Management. Your team must complete, submit for review, and receive project results and approval to become a certified Green Belt. It is worth 6 points toward an Industry Credential Graduation.

Why do you want our staff to take the training first?

Everyone within the organization benefits from learning this methodology and applying it to their workplace. For example, Graham Local School District’s staff improvement project was reducing unnecessary paper consumption. After completing the process, the solution for just this project saved the district $30,000 annually. Another team’s project was reducing the number of interrupted days during instructional time. They began with 82% of days interrupted and reduced it to 45%.

Staff participation in this process not only helps the district, but also improves job satisfaction and student support. Yellow Belt and Green Belt Certification is the prerequisite for the Train-the-Trainer session and consists of 24 total in-class training hours and a team-based Lean Six Sigma project.

What does staff/district training look like?

Participants work together on problem-solving projects for your district and then a portion of the participants move on to become designated trainers for your district’s students. We meet with you prior to the training to assist with scoping of the project for the Yellow Belt and Green Belt course, the selection of trainers, and the functional structure of a districtwide rollout. Our training courses are designed to produce real results and teams are expected to come prepared to work on actual projects…not theoretical exercises.

During the session, your team will learn the tools and techniques described in the Yellow and Green Belt descriptions above. This is the same training that we used with scientists at P&G and the Air Force as well as the employees at Abercrombie & Fitch and Limited Brands. This is also the same training that was provided to juniors and seniors at Graham High School in Urbana, OH.

You, your colleagues and your district will benefit from the results of these projects (which could provide a significant return-on-investment) and the availability of a world-class credential for your students. In the past three years alone, multiple Maximum Potential, Inc. district clients have achieved over a 300% ROI.

Once your team completes, submits for review, and has an approved project, the entire team will be awarded Green Belt Certification (a prerequisite for the Train-the-Trainer session).

How does the 'train the trainer' work?

During the Yellow and Green Belt staff training process, a number of participants are typically designated as future trainers. Employees selected from this group of Certified  Green Belts then go on to attend a Train-the-Trainer session. They will then be observed by the Master Black Belt as they co-teach for certification and demonstration of knowledge.

The Train-the-Trainer process and a material license enables the school to move towards being self-sufficient. For example, Graham Local School District is now teaching Yellow Belt and Green Belt in a semester-long class that occurs daily for 45 minutes.

We will equip your trainers with the tools they need to lead Yellow and Green Belt sessions in your district.

Your trainers will have access to a training membership site with instructional videos, audio, a trainer guide, and a community of certified trainers. Once certified, we will provide your trainers with individual, web-based coaching and a periodic web-based improvement webinar (live or prerecorded). Once the Train-the-Trainer course is complete, your trainers will be certified as an Education Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Certified Trainers.

Will I have to hire expensive consultants to do the training?

That’s the beauty of this design. Our team starts with the ultimate goal of working ourselves out of a job. Our system offers Train-the-Trainer and two years of coaching calls to support your district. You will also have the tools and web portal that come with the annual material license. We will have periodic “Trainer Webinars” and will field support questions in a community/knowledge base that can be accessed by all trainers and school districts as part of the annual license fee.

How do we get the materials for our students?

To participate in the training and train-the-trainer process, your district needs to purchase a material license for the participant manuals. Once you have purchased the annual material license and have a certified trainer in your district, your district will have the right to unlimited printing for your students and staff. Licensed materials can also be customized (slides added to the Maximum Potential deck) for your district by using examples from your Green Belt projects to resonate with your students.

What makes our model unique?

This is not a “one time deal,” one session, or one group of students. Your school district develops the culture and capacity to develop a generation of problem solvers. You can offer the credentials to your students indefinitely, simply by maintaining the relationship with Maximum Potential.

What is the number of students that can earn these industry recognized credentials?

There is no limit or maximum. Your district can offer these credentials to as many high school students as it chooses.

What parts of these credentials can I offer in my district’s building(s) and classrooms?

Your teachers, with a MaxPT Lean Six Sigma Education Black Belt and in partnership with Maximum Potential, Inc., can offer your students these credentials within your district’s classrooms and buildings.

What can students obtain within our bell schedule?

Our curriculum is broken down into 45 minute segments to fit the typical bell schedule of a high school. The training for both credentials takes about one semester.

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